NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2020 / Reigning Miss Beverly Hills 2020 Viktoria Fox is on a roll. She recently clinched the Miss Oregon United States title, and will be competing in the National Pageant in West Palm Beach, Florida. This year’s event will be live on national television, featuring the nation’s top delegates on October 11-15th.

Beverly Hills, CA –

Fox graduated with a J.D. Law degree from the University of San Francisco, and enjoys a robust career as a real estate developer and fashion model. One of her earliest childhood memories is her mother being fixated on the fact that she had way too much pent-up energy, and baby fat to boot. Fox and her rambunctious older brother would often break family furniture in the course of roughhousing – from sofas to beds to desks; it was a veritable Tarantino action flick in her childhood home.

At wits’ end, her grandmother advocated for sports to root out the feral energy in the two active siblings. Fox recalls her grandmother’s wisdom fondly, “I think this was the beginning of how I learned the power of harnessing your energy in the right places.”

Fox quickly excelled at numerous pursuits, including tennis and ballet. She reached a point where her mother made her commit to one. “Naturally, I picked ballet, “she recalls, “it is the perfect culmination of sport and artistry.” Cute outfits and getting to wear makeup at recitals were another perk that piqued her budding adolescent imagination. “My most memorable experience was the opportunity to train with Lilette Rohe, the classically trained ballerina and teacher,” muses Fox. “She taught me to love my body and use my muscles to my advantage.”

Today she’s more of a woman who enjoys cozying up in bed with waffles and fried chicken, catching up on shows like “Big Little Lies” and “The Bachelor”. When not relaxing, she offers her time to various causes she’s passionate about. Top of her list is our nation’s affordable housing crisis that’s affecting so many young people, including her peers.

As a native Angelenos, Fox grew up watching L.A’s infamous Skid Row neighborhood, known for its gritty homeless population, become the norm throughout America’s large cities. This is how her organization “Revive The American Dream” was born. “Affordable housing is not just about the homeless or drug addicts, it’s now a threat that will hold back our current and future generations.”

Fox and her team met with leaders at the California state capital in Sacramento. “The response was more positive than I was expecting, but ultimately citizens must demand from our local governments to not block the building of more housing. I learned that the root of the problem begins at the local level. I will continue to offer my voice and be an advocate for the current generation so that everyone can have a place to call home.”

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