Shiny Shell Carwash To Build 10 Locations in Pennsylvania

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / Shiny Shell Carwash–an emerging brand in the car wash industry–is excited to announce 10 new express wash locations in the greater Harrisburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania areas.

Shiny Shell Carwash is one of a few brands operated by Salt Lake City based, Coldwater Car Wash Group. Coldwater operates 15 car washes across Utah, Georgia, and Florida, with 10 new locations coming soon to Pennsylvania.

Coldwater CEO, Jared Richards explains “adding geographic diversity and focusing on steady and sustained growth in markets where we can operate efficiently by having at least 5 locations is a strategy that has been working for us. We’re excited to pinpoint Pennsylvania as our next market for brand expansion.”

These well-established areas of Pennsylvania are no strangers to car wash. There is currently a wide network of existing wash tunnels that provide a sub-par experience. Customers are left guessing if the wash will be operating, if it will clean their car, and even worse if it will damage their vehicle. Shiny Shell Carwash plans to change this by bringing the latest and greatest car wash technology to these markets. Shiny Shell is sure to give customers a much-needed boost of confidence by providing a quick, safe, and friendly cleaning experience.

Shiny Shell Carwash focuses its brand values on cars, customers, and communities. “By taking care of these things, we take care of our most valuable assets which means pleased customers, happy employees and investors, and a sparkling car wash facility,” Richards explains. Each Shiny Shell Carwash not only provides a beautiful car wash building to the community, but more importantly provides great, competitive paying jobs for its team members. Our proudest moments in car washing have been seeing our team members grow and advance in their careers. Car washing used to be a transitional job for people going to school or working towards a different career. We are pleased that car washing has evolved and is now a destination career that is developing great people.” beams Richards.

“We feel lucky to be able to continue our growth to these new markets thanks to great financing partners Keystone National Group and Fifth Third Bank.”

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SOURCE: Coldwater Capital

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