ContactOut Alternatives: Business and Recruiting Intelligence Tools

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2020 / ContactOut is a market-leading business and recruiting intelligence tool used by over 30% of the companies listed on the Fortune 500. ContactOut data is robust in volume, accuracy, and focus on personal information with over 1.1 billion emails and over 50 million phone numbers in its database, accounting for over 75% email and 10% phone number coverage for all people on LinkedIn.

Business to business (B2B) prospect and lead generation. Image Credit: / Racorn.

ContactOut Business and Recruiting Intelligence Overview

ContactOut ( allows you to find anyone’s personal email and phone number. Hire talent 10x faster with the most powerful sourcing platform available, according to the ContactOut website.

ContactOut data coverage consists of over one billion email addresses and counting. The company was founded in 2015 by Rob Liu. ContactOut main headquarter office is located at San Francisco Bay, California.

Social media accounts include Facebook @contactout, Linkedin @contactout, and others, including ContactOut YouTube videos. Social media hashtag commonly used is #ContactOut.

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ContactOut “Find Anyone’s Email” Google Chrome Extension

There is a ContactOut Google Chrome extension plugin available to download and install from the Google Chrome web store. Titled “Find Anyone’s Email – ContactOut” and listed under the “Social & Communication” category, ContactOut has over 522 user reviews rating it 4.2 out of 5 stars on average. It also shows 100,000+ users of the ContactOut plugin.

ContactOut adds a powerful overlay on top of Linkedin profiles. You’ll see phone numbers, email addresses, and links to social media profiles. 30% of the Fortune 500 uses ContactOut to supercharge their recruiting team. An email has 2x the response of a Linkedin InMail, and candidates reply 5x faster.

ContactOut plugin from the chrome web store. Image Credit: Google Chrome.

ContactOut Products and Solutions for Prospecting and Recruiting

The ContactOut search engine has the highest find rate across all industries and countries. Emails are triple verified, with 99% accuracy. These are the features that ContactOut provides to their users:

1. Chrome Extension: Their Chrome extension works on top of LinkedIn and Github, helping you find emails and phone numbers. Connect with the people that your business needs.

2. Dashboard: Access all your saved leads in one place. Organize candidates into folders and share with your team. Export to spreadsheet and ATS with one click.

3. Search Portal: Find candidates directly using ContactOut’s search portal.

4. Email Campaigns: Send emails while browsing LinkedIn using their reusable templates. Contact multiple people at once and follow up automatically.

ContactOut Alternatives and Competitors

These are some of the top ContactOut alternatives and competitors for productivity contact finding tools for uncovering email addresses and cell phone numbers. ContactOut was also named to the Best Contact Finder Tools list.

  1. Swordfish AI (
  2. ZoomInfo (
  3. DiscoverOrg (
  4. Lusha (
  5. Clearbit (
  6. UpLead (
  7. AeroLeads (
  8. Voila Norbert (

Review in Contact Finder

ContactOut Review in Contact Finder magazine. Image Credit: Contact Finder.

ContactOut Video – How the ContactOut Platform Works

ContactOut in action. Example of how ContactOut works. Image / Video Credit: ContactOut / Sean Eliseev YouTube Channel.


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