Stabletown: The Stablecoin Exchange All Set to Expand Operations in Japan

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 13, 2020 / The unpredictability of the Bitcoin market and the tendency of the major players to alienate them from banking structures have seen an increase in the trading of stablecoins. Predicted to be the future of cryptocurrency, most of the top cryptocurrency exchanges have added stablecoins to their portfolios. Stabletown is one of the most recent additions to the list of exchanges focused on stablecoin trading.

The stablecoin exchange is a digital currency wallet and platform where market makers, institutional clients, and individuals can transact with new stable digital currencies. The UK based exchange founded the previous year is already well on its way to becoming one of the most trusted exchanges. They are facilitating market makers, institutional and individual clients to trade on new stable currencies. The exchange with state of the art risk management system is providing trust to exchanges, market makers, and institutional clients of the assets that they deliver to other investors. “We provide liquidity utilizing specifics of different exchanges and crypto exchanges in attracting organic liquidity for listed instruments.” stated George Anderson the CEO of Stabletown when asked about stability and operations.

Stablecoins offer a safe option for traders to store their assets. Cryptocurrency users can easily and in instantly convert their non-backed assets to stablecoins. The traders can safeguard themselves of the sudden dip in the cryptocurrency prices. This, apart from minimizing risks, decreases the dependency on a fiat economy. These reasons coupled with the fact that it is cheaper to convert the cryptocurrency to stablecoins and the rate of conversion of stablecoins to fiat are less expensive than the transformation of crypto currency to fiat, have attracted old and new users alike to invest in stablecoins. With decreased risk and lower volatility of the exchange rates, stablecoins are eyed to be the most viable options for new users to begin trading.

As the search for exchanges that offer traders complete control of their portfolios is on the rise, Stabletown is offering a fully automated platform for both new and experienced users. It is one of the few exchanges offering services dedicated entirely to stablecoins. According to the CEO of Stabletown : “We strive to offer a unique trading experience and continuously improve existing products while expanding our scope to introduce new services.” The statement in light of the recent allocation of $4,500,000 to develop in Japan, the exchange is indeed expanding.

Stabletown was launched for professional High volume of trading over the counter (OTC) and is currently trading in Tether, TrueUSD, Paxos Standard, and USDC. Boasting of the best exchange rates in the market, the CEO emphasized the focus on larger trades and the same-day execution of OTC transactions starting from $500,000 equivalent. Armed with the best trade engine, low fees, and the highest state of the art risk security system, the platform is aiming to gain ground amongst the best exchanges. The team of Financial and IT experts are convinced of stable cryptocurrencies being the future of value exchange. Continually working on adding to the existing products, they plan to expand exponentially. At a time when most of the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges have just begun adding stablecoins to their lists of products, Stabletown has already marched ahead, with the best trading pairs in the market.

The announcement of Facebook launching their reserve-based stablecoin Libra gave the cryptocurrency market the much-needed boost. The world for the first time in two years saw a growth in the Bitcoin prices. Binance, the leader amongst the cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the launch of their stablecoin BUSD and most of the leading market players around the world have either launched stablecoins or have pegged their products. In these scenarios, the possibility of Stabletown launching its stablecoin has not been overlooked by the founders. When asked if the launch of their stablecoin is on the cards, George Anderson (CEO) stated, “We aim to be number one on stablecoin trading around the world, so yes it’s possible.”


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