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CHADDS FORD, PA / ACCESSWIRE / April 11, 2020 / Rich Gorman, founder of,,, and other leading category domains, has announced today that he has acquired along with

“The Private Label Nutraceutical market is growing faster than ever before. With the acquisition of these key domain names, we plan to launch a full-scale manufacturing business in the nutraceutical’s category with private labeling capabilities along with logistics services.”

Gorman, a lifetime entrepreneur, previously founded and sold a number of ventures including NewsLauncher. Additionally Gorman pioneered the acquisition of from eBay Enterprises and other premium domain assets.

“Exact match .com domain names, when used as an industry specific purpose, are more valuable than ever before. By way of example, years ago, I founded At Cost Fulfillment to improve the logistics operation for my growing dietary supplement business. One of the greatest challenges I faced with At Cost Fulfillment was that the name didn’t immediately create trust with prospective consumers.

Tracking the acquisition of GSI Commerce by eBay Enterprises, I discovered that the domain had also been acquired by eBay Enterprises as part of the deal. It was the end of Q4 and eBay was facing a down quarter, so I decided to reach out to a senior executive there to see if they would be interested in selling the domain to improve their bottom line. Indeed, eBay agreed to sell the domain under one condition: that I didn’t turn it around and sell it to Amazon. The deal was struck and I changed the name of At Cost Fulfillment to This investment paid for itself within the first year, as gained an immediate trust advantage with prospective customers in addition to steady flow of organic traffic.

Industry specific domains are easier to brand due to lower barriers for consumer recall. For instance, is much easier to remember than Orbitz. Therefore, with equal ad spends, will win a higher yield of traffic. When the product or services are similar in quality, the business with the exact match domain name will win in the long run.

With the acquisition of and, we are launching a full-scale manufacturing business with vertically integrated fulfillment. Our laser focus is innovation and providing our customers with the best products on the market.”


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SOURCE: Rich Gorman

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