“Meet the Most Influential Entrepreneurs From 3 Thriving Marketing Sectors”

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2020 / Now more than ever, marketing, social media and content creation are on the rise along with online education, videogaming and messaging apps. Despite what it is happening in this first quarter of 2020, the business environment is as hectic as never before.

Reason why we compiled a Top 3 Entrepreneurs who are establishing themselves as the authorities in 3 marketing and online niches which are Influencer Marketing, Media and Content Creation.

So who are they?

Marco Calamassi (Influencer Marketing)
INSTAGRAM: @lmcala

Marco Calamassi, also known by the nickname Cala, is an Italian online entrepreneur from Italy. After managing his family businesses in the clothing and real estate industries for years, he became a prominent online entrepreneur in the E-commerce and Social Media space.

Marco Calamassi full involvement in the e-commerce community started in 2011, being part of some of the most elite masterminds and marketing communities on the web. He has built, scaled, managed and sold many popular brands built on platforms such as Shopify and Clickfunnels.

He owns a service-based company called Brandsbuilder that is focused on leveraging social media influence and followings for clients. It is a white glove e-commerce development company that helps influencers, web personalities and celebrities build their own e-commerce brand and product. He is an author and contributor on several publications and he just released his new book “Shaping The Reality Of 2050”, available on Amazon.

Dalip Celbeqiri (Media Brand)


Dalip Celbeqiri serves as chief social officer at DIY Simple, a social video and entertainment agency with more than 20 million social fans across platforms. Since its founding in 2016, DIY Simple has generated more than $2 million in revenue, Celbeqiri says, and it averaged 230 million monthly unique Video Viewers in Q3 2018, according to Tabularis.

Dalip’s everyday motivation is “Power, Freedom and the Grind” as he often states. He’s a workaholic since he was a kid, doesn’t even have to put an alarm, his mind knows the sleep circle. Creating meaningful content is his passion and gift and a massive amount of followers are there to prove that. His “nothing can stop me” attitude allowed him to obtain faster-than-normal results in the social space.

After building several successful businesses, Dalip is now an acclaimed professional entrepreneur and lately he published his first book called “Art Of Building a Successful Business”.

Mustafa Hussain (Content Creation)

YOUTUBE: @Itsmustafa
Mustafa Hussain is a 24-year-old YouTube sensation with 100k subscribers. The Pakistani-American influencer is known for creating positive and uplifting content which has inspired millions. His YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have amassed over 500k combined fans from around the globe.

After his “Making Strangers Smile” video in 2017, Mustafa gained international recognition. The video ended up gaining the attention of The Hershey Company who later teamed up with Mustafa to create a TV commercial for their Heartwarming the World campaign. After his success, he shifted his videos to focus on doing acts of kindness.

His positive mindset, sincerity and passion for helping others make him a great role model for Muslims all around the world. Since he started creating content, Mustafa has received millions of views and worked with different brands and companies. He has cracked the code of virality and is planning on launching his own Muslim entertainment network. He intends to change how the world sees modern Muslim entertainment.


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