Afecta Pharmaceuticals Joins Battle Against COVID-19

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2020 / Afecta Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on developing drugs that modulate the immune system announced that it has been invited to submit two of its lead drug candidates to the National Institute of Health to be evaluated for initiation of pre-clinical and potential clinical testing for treatment of 2019 novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

The compounds were identified using PharmetRx®, Afecta’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform, and demonstrate bioactivity via two key therapeutic mechanisms of action-(1) immunomodulation similar to that of hydroxychloroquine or (2) inhibition of viral replication or attachment to host cells. Importantly, both of the compounds to be submitted exhibit activity in both aspects of the disease process. As these potential new treatments are based on existing drugs, they are able to progress to patient testing quickly since toxicity risk and severe side effects are known from previous clinical experience to be extremely low. Further, using PharmetRx®, a series of derivative compounds from these drugs have been designed for future development and appear to indicate a good likelihood of increased potency.

The new drugs are envisioned for use in three treatment routes within the continuum of care-(1) intravenous infusion for severely ill patients requiring a ventilator, (2) inhalation via hand-held nebulizer for symptomatic patients not requiring a ventilation, or (3) oral delivery as tablets or capsules when medically feasible. Combination therapy using these drugs or in tandem with other medications would be expected as well.

These efforts align with Afecta’s corporate strategy that seeks to repurpose and utilize compounds with established safety records and negligible side effects for serious illnesses.

Bruce Kovacs, MD at or call (949)-253-4688.

SOURCE: Afecta Pharmaceuticals

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