K2 Cyber Security Unveils the First Cloud Workload Protection Platform to Prevent Zero-Day Attacks in Real Time with No False Positives

Disruptive startup exits stealth with $6 million in funding and the
first deterministic approach for protecting hybrid clouds against
sophisticated attacks

Cyber Security, Inc
. today announced the general availability of its
cloud workload security platform, featuring two fundamental innovations
that together deliver comprehensive protection for hybrid cloud
environments. K2’s Optimized Control Flow Integrity (CFI)™ technology
ensures an application executes only as designed, enabling an industry
first – real-time attack detection with no false positives, regardless
of an application’s patch status. Its dynamic, workload identity-based
micro-segmentation prevents the lateral movement of threats. As part of
its launch, K2 is also announcing it has secured $6 million in seed
funding from GreatPoint Ventures and Embark Ventures.

We were immediately intrigued with K2’s approach to workload protection
but were skeptical of its ‘no false positives’ claim until we
experienced it firsthand,” said David Wells, Head of Technology for ID90
Travel. “K2 fundamentally improved our defensive posture in our public
cloud environment. Its solution is super easy to deploy and manage,
provides great visibility into our workloads and, best of all, we no
longer waste precious time chasing false alarms.”

As cyber attackers adopt new, sophisticated methods, enterprises need
new approaches to stop them,” said Eric Grosse, former VP Security &
Privacy Engineering at Google and K2’s technical advisor. “K2’s
innovative use of Control Flow Integrity enforcement to detect and
prevent attacks is a huge technical accomplishment. K2’s approach
introduces a much needed deterministic method for stopping zero-day
exploits and protecting applications.”

Introducing the K2 Platform

The K2 platform consists of two modules, each powered by a
groundbreaking innovation that fundamentally improves an organization’s
ability to secure cloud applications and infrastructure.

provides real-time attack detection powered by
K2’s patent-pending Optimized CFI technology. Unlike signature and
behavior-based approaches that require prior knowledge of the exploited
vulnerability or attack methodology, Optimized CFI works by enforcing
the correct execution of the application. Any attempt to execute a
command that violates the software’s control flow is flagged as an
attack. Inherently deterministic, Optimized CFI can detect any attack
– known or unknown. K2 Prevent doesn’t require source code or any
instrumentation of the application to secure it against attacks, and
also works with legacy applications.

enforces the correct isolation of workloads,
secures data in motion and prevents lateral movement of threats in
hybrid cloud environments. It features a unique method for dynamic
workload micro-segmentation that assigns strong, unique cryptographic
identities to workloads that authenticate each other before permitting
any communication. Firewall and segmentation policies that govern
workload connectivity are applied based on these identities instead of
their static IP addresses. This enables bi-directional enforcement of
security policies and correct isolation without the latency and
subsequent inaccuracies that occur with monitoring-based approaches to
application-level segmentation.

Whether deployed separately or as an integrated platform, K2’s offering
prevents cyberattacks in real-time on unpatched software, web
applications and workloads running in VMs, containers or on bare metal.
More information on K2’s platform can be found at www.k2io.com.

K2’s approach to securing applications is one of the most innovative
ideas we have seen in cybersecurity,” said Ashok Krishnamurthi, Managing
Partner, GreatPoint Ventures. “We believe K2’s solution will be the
go-to solution for defending cloud workloads in today’s high-risk
security environments.”

Co-founders Pravin Madhani and Jayant Shukla have assembled a
world-class team at K2 and brought a game-changing platform to market
which is easy for customers to deploy and manage,” added Peter Lee,
Managing Partner, Embark Ventures. “K2 clearly understands what their
customers need when it comes to preventing sophisticated attacks and we
believe the industry will tremendously benefit from this approach.”

As organizations move to the cloud, workloads and application
infrastructure become critical attack surfaces for CISOs to contend
with,” said Pravin Madhani, CEO and Co-founder of K2 Cyber Security.
Our deterministic approach substantially lowers the cost of defense –
no more false alarms or days spent on forensic analysis. Our approach to
segmentation shifts traditional network security controls up to the
application layer, providing SOC teams with greater flexibility when
protecting and moving applications across hybrid cloud environments.
We’re confident our approach to preventing attacks will finally give
organizations the upper hand against attackers.”

Pricing and Availability

K2 Prevent and K2 Segment are available immediately. Pricing is based on
the number of nodes.


Prevent White Paper
Segment White Paper

About K2 Cyber Security

K2 Cyber Security has developed the first cloud workload protection
platform purpose built to defend hybrid cloud environments against
sophisticated attacks. Powered by K2’s breakthrough Optimized CFI
technology, the K2 platform enables real-time detection and prevention
of known and unknown attacks, without false positives. K2 has also
developed an innovative approach to application micro-segmentation based
on workload identities that prevents the lateral movement of threats in
dynamic cloud environments Founded in 2017, K2 is a venture-backed
private company based in San Jose. For more information, visit https://www.k2io.com.


Elizabeth Safran
Looking Glass Public Relations

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