Drayage Solutions Startup BookYourCargo.com Sees 48% Growth in 2018

BookYourCargo.com’s yearly double-digit growth points to the
effectiveness of its innovative platform, which is designed to combat
increasing drayage challenges

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Transportation technology startup BookYourCargo.com announced today that
it experienced growth of 48% in 2018 compared to 2017, and has seen
growth of 45%-55% year over year since its launch in 2014.
Technology-driven freight broker BookYourCargo focuses specifically on
developing technology that provides drayage service solutions. The
company attributes its consistent growth to its state-of-the-art,
web-based platform, which effectively addresses the increasing
challenges associated with drayage.

Developed by former freight forwarders, BookYourCargo, a full-service
freight brokerage company, was launched five years ago in response to
the specific challenges presented by drayage. BookYourCargo created an
in-house technology team to develop a drayage-focused, customer-centric
aggregator of shippers and truckers on a web-based platform. For
truckers, BookYourCargo’s platform helps in managing their return
journey/idle hours whereas for shippers, it helps them to accomplish
their needs with real-time cargo visibility from origin to the
destination. An in-house technology staff allows for ongoing innovation
and swift adjustments based on customer needs and the ever-changing

“Even five years ago, we could see that drayage was becoming a
significant pain point. With demurrage and detention fees consistently
escalating, drayage is one of the most tedious, expensive and
under-served segments of the supply chain. We recognized the role
technology and digitization could play in providing solutions,” said
Nimesh Modi, CEO, BookYourCargo. “That said, while we are an innovation
and technology company, we are actually driven by our commitment to
serving our customer and becoming a true problem-solving partner.”

In addition to providing an easy-to-use web-based platform with load
boards, AI-enabled Rate Management System, EDI and Predictive analytics,
BookYourCargo works closely with its customers to address all their
trucking requirements, including offering fully digitized processes for
handling administrative aspects, such as billing and scheduling and
enhanced planning tools including real-time dashboards. What’s more,
BookYourCargo has built special relationships with the drayage community
that allow it to promise capacity and capability due to its pool of
qualified, active, loyal carriers that it treats well.

“Everyone recognizes the challenges faced by the short-line drivers;
long waits at terminals with environmental consideration mandating that
they cut their engines. It can be extremely hot or terribly cold. The
waits can sometimes allow them only one turnaround, which makes their
jobs non-compensatory based on the need to keep trucks and equipment
modernized,” said Modi.

Because of the multiple issues, the roster of truckers wanting to do
drayage is quickly diminishing. BookYourCargo’s technology and trucker
relationships are making this career choice more attractive.
Consistently keeping service as the focus, BookYourCargo’s customers
consider BookYourCargo their “first choice” for drayage service
solutions because it supports its promises to deliver results, including
providing a truck even in the midst of a trucker shortage.

Mr. Modi reiterates that:

  • Technology is the engine that drives BookYourCargo’s drayage service
    solutions offerings, which are designed and consistently updated by an
    in-house technology team.
  • BookYourCargo can promise capacity and capability due to its pool of
    qualified, active, loyal carriers that it treats well.
  • BookYourCargo has more than 1,500 trucking companies on board; more
    than 55,000 shipments executed successfully and it is firmly rooted
    across USA
  • Launched in 2014, this startup, BookYourCargo, has consistently grown
    about 45%-55% each year due to positive results, commitment to
    technology that complements service and word of mouth referral
  • Ensuring faster transactions and constant control over operations,
    BookYourCargo’s one-window Technology Aggregation Platform seamlessly
    integrates all the stakeholders in cargo supply chain, including
    importers, exporters, shippers, BCOs, NVOs, freight forwarders, on one
    side and truckers and intermodal operators on the other.
  • BookYourCargo provides Instant competitive quotes; live,
    high-visibility cargo and trucker tracking
  • Fully digitalized processes with no more waiting for quotes, no phone
    calls, no paper work, no idle time for truckers. All this is managed
    seamlessly by the BookYourCargo platform, resulting in steep increases
    in efficiencies and reduction in costs.


BookYourCargo.com is a freight brokerage platform that aggregates the
shippers and truckers for seamless transportation of cargo across the
USA. As a starting point, it displays a real time matrix of trucking
rates based on the National Motor Freight System and then tracks and
traces the movement of cargo. The company is technology driven and
functions through a proprietary state-of-the-art digital platform,
leading to higher productivity and steep reduction in costs.
 BookYourCargo works with retailers and customers across all categories
– small, mid-range and large business entities, including retail and
commercial shippers. With its extensive domain expertise in logistics
and transportation, customers can experience superior technology-enabled
solutions catering to the specific issues of this industry.



Lisa Aurichio, BSYA

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