Amgen Supports Science from Scientists’ Mission to Boost Interest in STEM Education

Boston non-profit and local STEMissaries company partner bring
inspiring role models into elementary and middle school classrooms

from Scientists
(SfS), a non-profit dedicated to empowering youth to
remain competitive in emerging STEM fields, has announced Amgen, one of
the world’s leading biotechnology companies, as a pilot STEMissaries
partner. Science from Scientists defines STEMissaries as STEM-oriented
corporations and leaders that participate in active, long-term
partnerships to support its local community and engage children directly
in their classrooms. Together, Amgen, Amgen Foundation and Science from
Scientists are partnering on the STEMissaries program to support the
positive impact that a hands-on approach to science-related curricula
can transform elementary and middle school students’ perspectives on

In collaboration with Science from Scientists, Amgen staff members
volunteer to teach in classrooms to give insight to their experience in
the STEM field and the type of work they do day-to-day. With guidance
from Science from Scientists, Amgen volunteers first create unique
lessons featuring topics based on company-specific innovation. Amgen
staff are then trained by SfS scientists on how to present these lessons
in a compelling way that both teaches and inspires young children.

“As a non-profit, support from Amgen is vital in helping us achieve our
goals,” said Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, founder and executive director of
Science from Scientists. “It is inspiring to have Amgen’s support in our
mission and collaborate with a company that shares the same goals. It is
amazing to see Amgen staff members and Science from Scientists’
scientists work together to get children excited about science. We are
thankful for Amgen’s partnership and look forward to expanding our
program to reach more students across the country.”

“Amgen Massachusetts enjoys working with community partners who share a
mission in inspiring the passion of science within students throughout
the community,” said Jennifer Bianco, director of corporate affairs,
Amgen Massachusetts. “Collaborating with Science from Scientists is the
perfect opportunity to have our staff members participate in what they
enjoy most—sharing science. It’s been truly a rewarding experience.”

Amgen’s work with the STEMissaries program has engaged students by
sharing and offering real-life advice and scenarios providing a new
perspective that these students are rarely exposed to in the classroom.
“Organizations like Science from Scientists and the STEMissaries program
are so important to school curriculum these days,” said Chris Ilich,
Amgen scientist and STEMissaries volunteer. “Amgen staff volunteers’
lessons help students break free from whatever might hold them back
during the regular school day and not only participate, but also express
true interest in STEM subjects.”

In addition to helping students gain a better understanding of the STEM
field, Science from Scientists has seen noteworthy improvements on test
scores and performance. During the 2017-18 school year, SfS measured a
21% improvement (equivalent to more than two letter grades) in pre- to
post-quiz scores at the seven Revere, MA schools where Amgen staff
members teach.

Amgen Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Amgen Inc., has also
supported the work of Science from Scientists with nearly $300,000 in
grants over the past nine years. In pursuit of its mission to advance
excellence in science education and inspire the next generation of
innovators, the Foundation has supported 9,000 teachers through
professional development opportunities, more than 7 million students
through hands-on and virtual experiences in science and contributed
nearly $150 million to advancing science education globally.

“It has been a great experience bringing STEMissaries from an idea to
reality with the Science from Scientists team and the Amgen volunteers
we’ve enlisted,” said Christiane Boezio, Senior Manager, Strategic
Planning and Operations at Amgen. “It’s inspiring to see our industry
scientists in the classroom, bringing the joy of science to the next
generation. There is nothing quite as rewarding than to see the light
turn on in a child’s eyes when they’ve truly grasped a scientific
concept and want to learn more.”

For more information about Science from Scientists and the STEMissaries
program, visit:

About Science from Scientists

A Boston based National non-profit, Science from Scientists believes
that by harnessing the passion of real-world scientists to teach state
and national framework-compliant, hands-on, lab-based lessons in the
classroom, we can build STEM talent in a cost-effective fashion with
measurable results and meaningful impact. Science from Scientists’
mission is to teach and inspire the next generation to identify and
solve real-world problems by improving STEM literacy. The company sends
real, charismatic scientists into classrooms and real-world settings to
teach engaging lessons to ensure our youth is STEM literate.

About Amgen

Amgen is committed to unlocking the potential of biology for patients
suffering from serious illnesses by discovering, developing,
manufacturing and delivering innovative human therapeutics. This
approach begins by using tools like advanced human genetics to unravel
the complexities of disease and understand the fundamentals of human

Amgen focuses on areas of high unmet medical need and leverages its
expertise to strive for solutions that improve health outcomes and
dramatically improve people’s lives. A biotechnology pioneer since 1980,
Amgen has grown to be one of the world’s leading independent
biotechnology companies, has reached millions of patients around the
world and is developing a pipeline of medicines with breakaway potential.

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About Amgen Foundation

The Amgen Foundation seeks to advance excellence in science education to
inspire the next generation of innovators and invest in strengthening
communities where Amgen staff members live and work. To date, the
Foundation has donated more than $300 million to local, regional, and
international non-profit organizations that impact society in inspiring
and innovative ways. The Amgen Foundation brings the excitement of
discovery to the scientists of tomorrow through several signature
programs, including Amgen Scholars, Amgen Biotech Experience, and Amgen
Teach. For more information, visit
and follow us on Twitter @AmgenFoundation.


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