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LVN Chapman Dodge 2nd half

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Las Vegas NOW Chapman second half

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Las Vegas NOW Chapman second half
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12510/7216147?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Wed, 20 Dec 2017 00:29:42 +0000 LVN Chapman Dodge 2nd half Las Vegas NOW Chapman second half http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12510/7216147?cpt=8&wpid=2637 KLAS Las Vegas, NV >> it is brent at chapman dodge new 2018 ram with diesel. new features are front and rear sense office for safety for family of with the dees teleis equiped pull a boat or trailer and off road fun. see me down at chapman dodge. >> well is nothing like driving a mule car off the lot >> if you are a jeep enthuz i didn't have you drive off the lot and over to chapman custom. we will see how the magic is made. >> owning a jeep is awesome. the best part is customizing your jeep. we are here in the henderson valley automall with nathan. this is where you do your magic on the jeep. >> that's right this . is where the magic happens not only we sell more jeeps than anybody in las vegas we do things behind the scenes. we have our custom jeeps a 201720th anniversary with hemi. tell take you for the ride of your life. this looks beautiful and amazing. this is the after the work you do. >> come in blank and you paint your masterpiece. >> we carry many different vendors. rough country. we carry gps and we have done extensive things. we got this which is limited edition. >> this is not a jeep. chapman custom jeep phi years ago we had to change the name it is chapman custom. we do everything. leather. lift, bumpers, lights you name it we do it. >> we have a couple more jeeps here. the two on the racks. we have a customer getting a boulevard lift, tires, wheels, bumpers and fenders. this guy a great customer of ours. too hard in the dirt. >> not for the jeep but for my tex all my technicians are certifyed work on different brands we will have this on the road the end of the week >> jeep is a lifestyle. >> absolutely. jeep gets frustrating. but that is okay go for the next time >> what is the atv stuff >> it is american expedition vehicle they work only with jeep. they do four door conversions. and just fully top of the lineful chapman is the deal never nevada for all of your av accessories, lift, tires, wheels. everything. >> american expedition. >> the best. >> that sounds fun. i will show you more outside. >> the what do you have here. the best of the best. this is the last 20th anniversary 6.4 hemithe only one in the world. 480 horsepower and 4080 pounds of torque. it is faster than you can think about going. >> it is -- what did we do to this jeep. >> lift, tires, wheels, bumpers. these are base model. >> absolutely like you saw instead. 3-1/2 lift. with tires led headlights >> yea. >> you have -- pulse up. >> if you get stuck. not you. [laughter]. >> what do we got here. >> two inch space. tires. got a 41 protection on it. rock rails. similar build with 2 inch lift. tires, this is a winner. they don't make this. this is very desirable jeep here >> love the cars. >> and carol is here. >> hi, carol. >> nice to meet you >> nice to see you. what did you have done? >> 3-1/2 inch lift. 35 inch tires add. the life force fog lights put o. very bright. >> christmas deck ragsz. this is the christmas present from my husband last year. i have grandma on the spare tires. >> there are a lot of women that hit the desert and have a good time we do rock crawling and take it to a new level >> take me off roading. >> you think you can handle temperature >> we will not go steep hills. >> we might. >> can you hold my hand. i have handel in there to hold on to. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. >> thank you for the off road@vent urs get your jeep customized. can we do more? >> let's go. (( >> fwent 18 dodge journey got the best for this time suv. a third row seat with three climate control and available v6 the best deals in ((mercedes martinez)) you really have to be aware of >> we remember the floods that struck texas and florida this year. unfortunately a lot of cars were totalled they could end up on dealer's lot in the future. best way to protect yourself is understand what to look for. visit our website for information. buying from a reputable dealer is your best defenses. >> you have to know where your car is coming from and sure your service person abouts what they are talking about. the dealership runt other way. >> welcome to chapman las vegas dodge. >> hi issue kennedel. >> first day here. trying to learn to do this. we are doing the video. and hopefully we will get it done. what brings you. >> need service and first oil change >> first one skwloochlt all right >> so the bonus oil change in that case. >> yea. i knowledge so am you want the 26 did sheing 6 oil or the 37? >> i'm not sure which is which. behalf is recommend for the -- the 26 did sheing 7 is better with the ball bearings. did you want to get ball bearings today? >> ball bearings. >> jose i'm sorry. kendall has no idea what he is talk about. >> jose you are the nicest customer. thank you very much. i blew that, right. it was close? >> the point is you guys have a tremendous service department. i met the teches, a lot of experience. what do customers expect >> what they can expect is we have professional staff. they know the need and manufactures recommendations are. with our technicians we have experienced technicians. factory training. and in general a well rounded service department. >> did you have association or partnership with ati? >> we do. >> they are a training school in town we reach tout them and give them places at the dealership after they graduate. we are looking for someone to work as an aprenticeship program. and we have done a lot of here we have 13 students that made it through that program. after, they go through a place of training and after two years in that program they are a trained technician. and they will go forward and condition and advanced in education. >> my try out what you saw my inneraction with the customer what are the options of getting a job. >> no >> well is a chance? >> no. >> never. >> no way. thank you. appreciate your time. >> so i will talk with folks who earned a job they are professional you will find out what set this is place apart. we will talk to jose. good to see you. >> you have been a mechanic for 20 years of over 20. you're level three now? >> all my cert efkzs diesel, dying noveltyic, suspension, transmission. >> what is your experience with customers are they thrilled or happy with the results because you have a good record when is come to gets itting right the first go around >> customers are picky about getting it right the first time and out on time. we try not to make mistakes and get them out in a timely fashion. >> another mechanic who worked to be a level three top level three mechanic that is rick, thanks for talk to yous. >> no problem. you have been doing this for awhile but a long time. >> are eight with my dad. oil changes and by the time i turned 18 i got a job. and i went to school for ati. ati program allowed to you be here? >> yea. >> how does that work. after i graduate they put me in a program with chrysler and set up -- stuff and get through the program. after you graduate usually you start off level zero. for skill trait and they workup to be a level three with almost two years. >> make you motivated. they kept telling me you will be a good tech in the future this . is your future now. that's how the reason i'm here they motivated me to be here. >> i know a lot about cars i know looking at this you are 451 over had cam right? >> wrong. >> in that neighborhood. >> nope. >> based on what you have seen and my skills you think i could land a job here. >> nope. >> never. >> nope. >> don't do it. come to me and i will fix your car. not him. [laughter]. i'm robert hernandez with chapman dodge and here to show you the dodge journey. it is equipped with two engines and available 33.6. wheels, three climate control. every seat will have different temperatures. and you got room for three child seats. >> take you through the service center and you met the personalities you will meet on the chapman lot here in the valley. now, i'm at the coleman nation this is the ram truck center. after 50 years of chapman group it come down to the new dealership. don is back whashg is the ram truck center? it is a specific dealership made for our ram product. it is the only thing like it in nevada permission from chrysler to do this. we focus on truck models. that is ram trucks and everything that people will use for work and fun. going off rode. driving is a blast. why was it need in nevada? >> alet of our customers buy for needs and those vehicles are set up to meet those needs. the sales people are experts in job rating trucks make sure this vehicle will do everything a customer needs. >> and everyone said great things about the chapman family they love working here. >> it feels like family >> we are not a big corporation. we don't have that approach with employees or customers. we look at happy employees and customers. if my customers are happy because sales people and employees here are doing the right thing. >> 50 years ago in tempy, arizona with one dealership now 30 year here in the vegas valley. >> mr. chapman bought this dealership 30 years ago. from that grown two dealerships. four roof top in las vegas. we have a number of service space for fleet customers that set up to make this work well for business clients they don't wait in line somebody getting an oil change they go to the front of the line they make money and have to be on the road all the time. they can have vehicles custom made >> amazing it is the car and truck shows without a back end? >> yea. cab and the chassis and for the customers that are electrical or plumbing customers the vehicle body is designed for what they need every they they're fortunate. >> now i will talk to a customer now. >> hey, how is it going? >> tell me about your business. controls encorporated. >> steam hot water we take care of 90% of the casinnose need terror steam and hot water in kitchens and hot water in the hotel rooms and all piping associated with that. >> sounds like a big boy job you need a big boy truck. talk about your truck? >> 30 dodge ram trucks. good job for us. >> you don't have to wait in line behind someone getting an oil change. it is just for and you fleet. >> business, yes. >> in and out quick. gi love that. talk about the relationship between your business and the fact they have the fleet center for business and fleet owners. >> i say it is convenient. everything is convenience and timing. that is the most expensive thing. how long my guy vs to wait to get back on the road. if i'm not on the road i'm not enabling moan >> frank. >> hey, how are you doing? >> and frank here he is the fleet manager. you know you have been working with jeff for a long time. >> over 25 years. that is a lot of vehicle. >> well over 30. what customizations do you do? >> big boiling company they pull boilers, equip. lift them. heavy duty suspension. some we put shelving in. >> wow. >> we fit them nice. >> what does it mean to have a special center just dedicated to the business and fleet owner in nevada? >> it is a special type of fleet sales you don't work with the average sales person they know you as a business person. we have the connections and hook ups to save the customers time, money, energy and get what they neechd >> what does it mean to you to be part of the chapman family >> it it is awesome. i have been here for over 12 years. family owned corporation treat you like family. >> that's the theme throughout this entire show has been family. you said it best there. family owned. customers feel mriek family everybody who works here feels like family of now we are pat of the family, now. >> you can buy one or 100 trucks at the ram truck center on boulder highway. give them a call 702-457-1061. las vegas crew had a blast shooting. it was not always a smooth road. we are sharing our blood pressurers after the break. tomorrow in las vegas now a sample of the newest restaurant at venetian one of the best guests of relack agsz in the valand he the wanderers are rock for the holiday show and tomorrow they'll bring the house down atlas vegas more at 5:00. now back to the ladies atlas vegas now. >> thanks, >> thank you, this is a fun show. everything went together nicely. >> not everything guess perfectly. we ever talking about the fact that my -- mooik pack is falling down >> well is always an issue. >> we keep it together on television. >> some things don't go well. >> one point you were like your head was in my lap. gi was breathing like this. they were falling, wha? in the spirit of laughings at ourselves we leave you with fun moment s and blood pressurers from our winter wonderland show. goodbye! ((john langeler)) ((john langeler)) >>> now at 5... speeding.

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