\ How New Wearable Technology Will Benefit Businesses
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How New Wearable Technology Will Benefit Businesses

By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly

As technology continues to advance, we are now seeing more wearable technology being introduced into the market. Gadgets like Google Glass, Apple's iWatch, Samsung's Galaxy Gear S2 and Nixie, to name a handful, are new wearable technologies that will impact your business.

Meet the New Wearable Technology Now on the Market

Probably the most innovative is Nixie, a flying camera you can wear around your wrist. If Google Earth doesn't have quite the coordinates you're looking for, take Nixie along or provide one to your boots on the ground. This gadget is great for search and rescue, land surveying and surveillance, although this tool is more useful in calm weather. Nixie is productive due to its rugged exterior and waterproof material.

iWatch is very unique and gives you the power of an iPhone in a watch. The day has come when we can call someone right from our wrists. On iWatch, calls are routed through the iPhone, whether it's in another room or tucked away in a pocket, carrying on the entire conversation right from your watch.

Google Glass takes the wearable phone a step further: it is a voice-controlled Android device that looks like eyeglasses and displays information in the wearer's peripheral field of vision. It is powered/run by intuitive-based situational awareness. The hands-free nature of Google Glass can be helpful for workers who often have their hands full, but it's also invaluable for workers who have to keep track of and frequently update information, as healthcare providers do, providing more mobile access to real time updates/information

Applications also include technicians who need to consult a manual or a set of schematics while performing repairs. Wearables could remotely manage equipment, such as machinery on an assembly line. Workers who need to wear special suits, such as environmental disaster teams, could have hands-free access to data from either smartglasses or smartwatches. This technology is for any user who needs instant access to important data: members of sales teams, real estate agents, lawyers, rural doctors, law enforcement and fire fighters, military personnel and more can benefit from using wearables in the workplace.

Samsung has a lot of good things going for it with Gear S2, such as a completely round screen and rotating bezel. S2, like other smartwatches, features a heart rate monitor and allows you to track your workouts, calories, distance, steps and sleep patterns, which are great tools for busy professionals, managers and corporate executives seeking the right work-life balance routine.

Wearable Technology is the Wave of The Future

Whether the market will continue on the trajectory of multi-functional and multi-sensory interfaces, or trend toward the next case-specific innovation, remains to be seen. Perhaps the simplest, yet most successful wearable computing device is the WSS1000, or electronic clipboard, designed to remove error and confusion that can arise from handwritten notes. The device, which was developed by Symbol in the late 1990's, allows workers to scan the barcode of items and immediately enter the information into the company system without losing a moment of time checking, double checking and so on.

Despite the initial novelty of wearable technology, how businesses apply wearable technology is what counts: accomplishing specific goals, extending brands to larger audiences and making a mark as innovators on a new platform.

The potential for wearable technology to make significant and lasting changes to how we live our lives is huge as wearables not only benefit professionals in the workplace, but in their personal lives, as well.

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