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4 Technologies that Are Cutting Business Costs By Ryan Ayers Technology has transformed the way businesses operate in the last century, making it easier than ever to create a lean and sustainable business that can grow and remain successful long term. Cutting costs is one of the biggest concerns business leaders have when making decisions, and fortunately, technology has improved automation so much that very little time needs to be wasted on mundane tasks like everyday accounting. When Henry Ford introduced the assembly line to manufacturing, it changed the face of that industry forever-a phenomenon that is repeating itself with these 4 technologies that are helping businesses cut costs and stay ahead of the competition. ...Read More »
Is Google Assistant better than Siri? | The iPhone Show By IDG.TV Google has launched its powerful Assistant for iOS, but it turns out that Siri is just as good if not better for iPhone users. ...Read More »
Business grants in Martinsville may help with unemployment By Clip Syndicate Martinsville's unemployment rate was 7.1% in March according to the Virginia Employment Commission. ...Read More »
Microsoft previews the 2017 Surface Pro By IDG.TV The 5th generation version of Microsofts performance tablet is here. Its looks are largely unchanged, but there are substantial internal improvements ...Read More »
Restore Louisiana Small Business Program By Clip Syndicate The Restore Louisiana Small Business Program offers recovery assistance to those impacted by flooding. Kim Carter Evans with TruFund Financial Services joined Chad Sabadie to discuss the partnership and how flood-impacted small business owners can get involved. ...Read More »
Uncorked Urbana Wine Festival By Clip Syndicate Matt and Heather talk to Paris Baldarotta and Megan Casey from the Urbana Business Association about the Uncorked Urbana Wine Festival held in Meadowbrook Park on June 10, 2017. The event include food trucks, raffles, live music, and more. ...Read More »
The Rise of Robotic Software in Accounting Firms By Makeda Waterman When we first watched the cartoon The Jetsons, many believed that a workplace with robots wouldn't become a reality but new technology has changed this idea. It is called a 'personal bot' that helps accountants with digital data work that most professionals would rather not complete. As companies across the world continue to find ways to decrease costs and increase revenue, it is one way for users to get the most out of the technology. There is a trend of accounting firms using virtual bots in offices because it is cheaper than hiring a new employee and it works faster than the average human being on tedious tasks. ...Read More »
Lean Out: Five Questions Every Female Entrepreneur Should Ask By Felena Hanson Do you feel stalled in your career? Do you feel underpaid, overworked, and without flexibility and autonomy over your time? If the answers are yes, then it may be time for you to lean out. Adding to that, if you have a personal passion that you want to turn into your own entrepreneurial venture, then for sure it is time for you to "lean out." While entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, there are many reasons why it may best thing for you. ...Read More »
Digital Marketing Trends that Steal the Show in 2017 By Dan Radak Under the influence of the roaring digital revolution, the realm of marketing changes at a rapid pace. Trends come and go, but there are also those that shift the marketing landscape forever. There is no surefire way to tell the future, yet we can spot emerging trends and take a look behind the curtain. So, here are some trends to keep an eye on in 2017. ...Read More »
Truck Jamboree By Clip Syndicate Thousands of truck enthusiasts were expected today at Joplin Petro 44 for The 21st Annual Truck Jamboree. This event is put on to celebrate and pay tribute to the men and woman who drive trucks for a living. It gives them a little break from what they do on a daily basis with their family and kids sitting up front in the vehicles and having fun. Many came out to strut and show off their old trucks. Joel Hamilton/Joplin 44 Petro General Manager: "Favorite part is probably just seeing all the antique trucks that come out. We have a lot of antiques on display today." Charlie Carver/Jamboree Truck Participant: "You don't see one like that everyday. Not that many old trucks like that around and it just. I just enjoy showing it." Participants were also able to enjoy cake for The Petro being in 30-years of business celebration as well as a free petting zoo. ...Read More »

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