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Watch out for reward survey scams By Clip Syndicate The Better Business Bureau wants you to watch out for reward survey scams. KSPR's Jonathan Harper has more on the story. ...Read More »
Daily Dividend Report: ACN, YUM, CPB, MKC, CLC, CMC, WOR By Clip Syndicate Accenture has declared a semi-annual cash dividend of $1.02 per share on Accenture Class A ordinary shares for shareholders of record at the close of business on April 10, 2015, and Accenture SCA will declare a semi-annual cash dividend of $1.02 per share on Accenture SCA Class I common shares for shareholders of record at the close of business on April 7, 2015. These dividends are both payable on May 15, 2015. ...Read More »
Canutillo ISD to reject $10,000 donation amid flag... By Clip Syndicate CANUTILLO, TX (KTSM) - The Board of Trustees for the Canutillo Independent School District recommended the rejection of a $10,000 donation from Hunt Companies, according to Adrian Medina, a member of the Board. Medina says the donation was made after Hunt Companies rejected the district's proposal to paint the flag red, white and blue at Reyes Elementary. The donation was reportedly designated for a flag pole at the school, which, according to Medina, was purchased last year. "We will continue to work with community members, veterans groups and business leaders to ensure that our efforts to honor our active military and veteran members' service to our country including that of Canutillo alumni and former US Congressman Silvestre Reyes are realized," Medina wrote on his Facebook page. The next regular board meeting is Tuesday, February 24th where Medina says the Board will formally take action on this item.   He also says that Hunt Companies did approve a rendering with white stars on the orange wall.   ...Read More »
Sanitary sewer lines smoke testing begins today in Bryan By Clip Syndicate BRYAN, TX - Bryan's Water Services Department will be performing smoke testing of the sanitary sewer lines to identify broken pipes and other defects beginning today, Tuesday, February 3, around 8 a.m. Field crews will inject smoke into the sewer lines through manholes in order to perform this test. Testing could continue intermittently through the end of the week of February 6. Field crews will enter properties to document defects. At no time will crews need to enter private residences. Citizens do not need to be home during the test. The target area consists of properties located within the boundaries of Old Hearne Rd., Koala, Kiwi Dr., Milberger St., Calhoun St., Tabor Rd., Stone Haven Dr., Stone View Ct., Stone Meadow Cr., Brookhaven St., Boatwright St., E. SH 21, Bluebonnet St., Carrabba St., Isbell St., Texas Ave., East 18th St., East 17th St., East 16th St., East 15th St., Bruce St., Blossom St., Pear St., Apple St., Peach St., Plum St., Waco St., Morse Ct., Springfield MHP, Maple St., Murphy Ln., Scott St., Kermitt St., North Earl Rudder Frwy., Old Kurten Rd., Legion Ct., Paris St., Eureka St., Nile St., Wheeler St., Congo St., Chigger St., Moss St., Calvert Cir., Carroll Cir., Dumas, Kendall Way, Chase Cir., Cary Cir., Cabot Cir., Manning Way, Old Reliance Rd., Dansby St., Branch St., Dale St., Denise Dr., N. Polk Ave., Military Dr., Orlean St., Justine Ave., East Martin Luther King St., Henderson St., Candy Hill St., Bradley St., Allen St., Center St., Cole St., Una Ave., McAshan St., Ursuline Ave., Mesquite St., Forest Cir., Sage Ave., E. Villa Maria Rd., Prairie Dr., Forest Glen Ct., Allen Forest Dr., Cypress Cir., Cedar Cir., Braeswood Cir., Braeswood Dr. The smoke will exit from vent pipes on the roofs of houses and commercial businesses, from manholes, and ground where broken sewer pipes may exist. The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue and creates no fire hazard. The smoke will not enter a house unless there is defective plumbing present or the drain traps are dry. To help prevent smoke from entering a home or commercial business, please pour about one gallon of water into any seldom-used drain. Residents are encouraged to contact Water Services at (979) 209-5900, if they have any questions.   ...Read More »
"I Want to Know": Traffic counters, ... By Clip Syndicate BROWNSVILLE, TX (KVEO NEWSCENTER 23) - We've all seen those traffic counting tubes on the road, but just what exactly is that information used for? Stretched across the road, they count you as you drive around the city and on highways, but they have more than one purpose. Robert Esparza, Traffic Director, "The city wants it. They're used mostly for traffic signals, to warrant traffic, for left turn lanes. How much traffic is going through that intersection? Does it warrant a traffic signal?" The state takes these numbers and uses them mainly for infrastructure. High numbers usually means more maintenance, widening roads, or even extending lanes, much like we saw near the expressway off exits like Boca Chica. Esparza, "It could show you that you have a decline in traffic also, that the city is moving to a different location." If the city moves and numbers change, so do businesses. Esparza, "I get approached a lot by, believe it or not, real estate, and a lot of businesses from up north also call me. It's all about location and I can understand that." They can see where the hot spots are for a new building and business. They can also see peak hours, where the high volume is, what is going to get the most notice. The city can take that for resynchronization as well, like we saw at four corners. Esparza, "Without that, you won't be able to set your timings correctly. You'd be having different peak hours. You'd be having a lot of fluctuation." Texas Department of Transportation collects urban numbers from cities every five years. They even collect numbers from roads like 802 they call 'feeder roads', and they can see wait times for those trying to get on to the expressway. It's all part of a bigger plan for growth and change. Even with all those numbers, change is still hard to predict. TxDOT says it's like asking a new parent what is your child going to wear on the first day of school. TxDOT puts out 82,000 short term counts annually that usually last a day. A lot of them focus on major roads which could warrant new changes to ramps along the expressway.   ...Read More »
Workforce Solutions to host job fair Wednesday By Clip Syndicate EL PASO, TX - Workforce Solutions Borderplex officials also announced four hiring events for 2015. These events are being billed as Industry Job Fairs, which are categorized by relevant job sectors and sub-industries. All events will be held from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Transportation, Governmental & Agriculture Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Region 19, 6611 Boeing Drive, El Paso, Texas 79915 Hospitality/Service, Construction & Business Administration/Finance Wednesday, May 13, 2015 Bassett Center, 6101 Gateway Blvd., El Paso, Texas 79925 Retail, Manufacturing & Production Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Cohen Stadium, 9700 Gateway N. Blvd., El Paso, Texas 79924 Healthcare, Information Technology & Governmental Thursday, November 12, 2015 Ft. Bliss Centennial Conference Center, 11199 Sergeant E Churchill St, Biggs Field, Texas 79916 Register online at: urgjobs.com/for-employers/ or contact business services unit by phone at (915) 887-2332 or by emailing employerservices@urgjobs.org ...Read More »
Biomedical Research facility breaks ground at Medical... By Clip Syndicate EL PASO, TX (KTSM) - El Paso is taking its first steps in biomedical research. Its first Biomedical Research and technology Commercialization building under the flagship of the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation had its groundbreaking ceremony this afternoon. The 'Cardwell Collaborative" building, named after local business man and community leader, Jack Cardwell, will be a three-story facility locate at the entrance of the MCA Campus. The Cardwell Collaborative will open doors for local researchers to commercialize their innovations and for outside companies to integrate into our biomedical industry. ...Read More »
Which things to bargain on By Clip Syndicate MCALLEN, TX (KVEO NEWSCENTER23) - Most of us are used to knowing the price of things when we buy them. The age of the internet means we’re more connected than ever before. Sites like eBay and Amazon tell us exactly the price of goods. But there’s a slew of industries where the price isn’t so black and white. If you’re willing to take your business and money elsewhere, you can drive down the price.  “I never saw the U.S. as a haggling society," said Dr. Terrance Martin Jr., an assistant professor of finance at the University of Texas-Pan American. "Across the border, yes, you see prices drop 50 percent, automatically... the environment is such that demand is there for certain products we don’t ever actually have to bend.” The places most people think about bargaining are the big purchases, for your home and your car. You can haggle on the price, but to pay for it, you can go negotiate with your bank or lender. “Actually, you can haggle on mortgages," Martin said. "You can actually get that price point down the mortgage broker can actually reduce that price point for you.”   When you move in, you can ask for lower prices for services in the home. Playing tough with the cable company can get the price both of you want. Get an idea of the cost, compare rates and maybe you’ll be a customer. “You have the power as a consumer to have people compete with each other," said Arthur Hughes, a certified financial planner with Ameriprise Financial in McAllen. "Whether or not they choose to negotiate is another story.” The Rio Grande Valley is one of the least covered places in the country when it comes to health care coverage. But the one upshot is the price isn’t set for cash or upfront payers like it is for insurance companies. There’s wiggle room on the bill your doctor gives you. “Sometimes, medical providers, especially hospitals, will provide a more favorable rate if you’re going to pay in cash as opposed to filing with an insurance company,” Hughes said.  If you enjoy the negotiating process for the smaller things, head to the swap meet or to local and family-run businesses. But an option to bargain at the big stores is the price match policy. If you want that big TV, show the manager some prices at another store or website.   Maybe you’ll be pocketing the difference. ...Read More »
Mexico: Business booming in Tampico as much as it' By Clip Syndicate TAMPICO, MEXICO - Launching a business in a city battling violence, that's what's happening in Tampico, Mexico. CNN's Nick Parker takes us where the Mexican government is trying to reclaim the once thriving oil hub from drug cartels. A bombed out restaurant an ominous presence on this Tampico street corner. Yet the city is a future nerve center for Mexico's energy industry. Pedro Daniel Arellano,Business Development Director,COBSA, "Right now we see in Tampico a boom. You can see a lot of nationalities in the airport: Chinese people, Germany people, French people." As Mexico opens its energy industry, investors are eyeing deep water oil exploration, fields and rich shale basins in the region. Tampico's ports in the Gulf of Mexico make it a unique transport hub, for energy firms as well as drug traffickers. Last year the government sent in a large number of troops after a spike in cartel violence. The city was the cradle of Mexico's energy industry and retains the colonial architecture from its boom time. Nick Parker/Reporting, "The striking thing about Tampico is that in many ways it resembles a bustling functioning city. But as you move around there are cartel lookouts on the streets and evidence of violence." The threat has long been faced by state oil company Pemex, which operates Tampico's refinery. It says production levels have not been affected. Josefino Revuelta Martinez Refinery Manager, PEMEX, "We have the support of the military to protect the facilities and the workers themselves says the refinery manager. We consider that sufficient." For residents and small businesses, however, extortion and kidnapping remain a part of everyday life. Blogger Eduardo Cantu lead street protests against the violence and is now running for public office. Eduardo Cantu, Activist, "We have to fight to get back our city. We have to fight to get back our peace. I want a city for my boy with opportunities." There is still a long way to go. Late in the afternoon, we got word of a military operation underway. Nick Parker, "So we've just arrived at a crime scene in daylight hours just outside the main downtown area of Tampico. Behind me you can see the army are here. Just over here you see the federal police - the gendarmaria. And they are attending the scene of a body lying in the street." The man had been shot in the head, execution style. We were the only team of journalists there and observers say much of the local media is scared to report cartel killings. Despite this, violence has actually decreased from last year. Dwight Dyer, Control Risks, "Certainly in the medium and long term the situation is bound to improve. There will be bumps along the way but both the Federal and State governments and society in general which is probably the most important part are committed to making a difference." The hope is investment can help reduce violence and improve the lives of residents who have had to bear so much. ...Read More »
2015 Women of Distinction 032615 By Clip Syndicate Six women were honored tonight and named the 2015 Women of Distinction by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. This coveted award honors women who have distinguished themselves as outstanding members of their community and who can serve as role models to all girl scouts, girls and adults alike. The honorees are: Opal Lee Golder, Brenda Gunter, Rashda Khan, Elta Joyce McAfee, Dr. Linda Ross and the late Deanna Mayfield. A business is also recognized for being a great workplace for women and for supporting leadership opportunities for girls and women. The 2015 distinguished workplace for women was awarded to San Angelo Independent School District. Funds raised by the women of distinction dinner hosted tonight at the Convention Center will benefit local girl scout leadership programs. ...Read More »

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