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Content Insider #521 - Visible Flight By Miles Weston I always believe that less government is better but the recent ruling that you don't have to register certain "classes" of drones just doesn't feel right. The idea of anyone, everyone throwing a drone in the air without some ground rules on what they can do, can't do and what type of training they need is a little cause for concern. Somehow it just feels like the new freedom will come back and hurt people who use them to take exciting shots and make a living doing creative work. I could be wrong but still believe that kids who get theirs (ok dad got it for him) should get training in the rules of the road and regulations/requirements. Just hope his playing doesn't impact the M&E industry or business across the board. ...Read More »
Downtown construction hurting business By Clip Syndicate Businesses are altering hours and tell KMVT they are losing money because customers can't access stores easily. ...Read More »
Rosalindas Insurance-Introduction and Policies By Clip Syndicate Rosalinda explains a little about her business and some policies she offers. ...Read More »
Five Perks of Having a Video Homepage By Dan Radak Without any doubt, your homepage is essential for the first impression your business makes on the visitors. Some would say that it acts as your online office reception area. Well-designed and tastefully decorated space with all sorts of promotional products at hand and a friendly receptionist can sway those who are not completely sure they want to do business with you. It shouldn't come as a surprise than that many people opt for a video homepage for their company website. These are five advantages of having a video homepage. ...Read More »
Vanquish, a cult classic, now in 4k! | Let's Play By IDG.TV Vanquish, the cult classic from Platinum Games, has finally arrived on PC thanks in part to a vocal fan base. Let's play through a bit of the beginning to see how it runs on a HP Omen X running an Intel Core i7 6700K and 2 Nvidia GTX 1080's! ...Read More »
America First Credit Union By Clip Syndicate America First Credit Union ...Read More »
iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ | Camera Shootout By IDG.TV The iPhone 7 Plus is the best iPhone camera on the market, but how does it compare against the latest Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S8? We put both cameras to the test. ...Read More »
Roof collapses at business in Rocky Mount By Clip Syndicate Authorities are assessing damage at a window manufacturer after the roof collapsed. ...Read More »
Grand Jury report raises questions about Stillwater Business By Clip Syndicate Grand Jury report raises questions about Stillwater Business Park ...Read More »
A New Millennium Approach to Depression in the Workplace By Dennis C. Miller When I was growing up, people talked about serious illnesses in hushed tones, as if saying "cancer" out loud was an open invitation to the disease. The word "depression" was hardly ever used, and the poor souls who suffered from it were generally characterized as lazy, shiftless, or otherwise unable to "pull themselves up by the bootstraps." Change will come when everyone in the workplace begins to see mental wellness from the same lens that we view physical wellness. ...Read More »

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