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Planning Ahead for Social Media ROI By Megan Arevalo There are all kinds of tools, apps, and other gizmos, that can help you track the return on investment from your social media campaigns, but it's not that simple. Almost half of the companies surveyed in 2016 reported that they aren't sure if their social media campaigns were profitable at all - let alone knowing exactly how much they were adding to, or subtracting from, their bottom line. ...Read More »
Mingis on Tech: A closer look at the new Moto G5 Plus By IDG.TV Looking for an Android phone that won't break the bank but still has the features you need? The Moto G5 Plus is a real bargain buy, says reviewer Dan Rosenbaum. ...Read More »
Culture Is a Four-Letter Word By Steven L. Blue When I started to write this column I originally titled it "Culture Is Not a Four Letter Word". It was intended to address the CEO's who think culture is a squishy, beer for lunch, feel good concept that doesn't deserve a place at the grown-ups table. I wanted to demonstrate how wrong-thinking that can be and make the case for the power of culture and why it should be at the top of every CEO's list. I was prepared to make a compelling case to convince CEO's that culture is every bit as important as strategic planning. I was ready to cite all kinds of studies and dazzling statistics that prove that positive cultures create positive financial performance. But now I know I don't have to thanks to a four-letter word: Uber. ...Read More »
Next Level Chattanooga By Clip Syndicate Monty Bruell talks to Bree about how Next Level Chattanooga helps small businesses ...Read More »
Small business development competition is underway By Clip Syndicate Small business development competition is underway ...Read More »
Augmented reality gets a second life in manufacturing By IDG.TV Although augmented reality may not have gotten very far in the consumer market, the technology is getting a second look in the manufacturing sector. ...Read More »
Interview: Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC Part 2 By IDG.TV Margaret Franco, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Dell EMC, shares her insights on how predictive modeling and personalizing content has helped to improve Dell EMCs marketing results and enhance the customer journey. ...Read More »
CW@50: 50 years of storage By IDG.TV By the time Computerworld was born in 1967, IBM was well established as the kingpin for computer storage. But over the next five decades, that changed dramatically as new companies rose and fell, storage capacities soared and costs plummeted. ...Read More »
Tablets for Business: Paving the Way to Better Productivity and Bottom Line By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly Tablets, must have tool for remote workforce success. ...Read More »
Springfield teen says she was denied a job application By Clip Syndicate Gabriela Gaddy says when she asked for an application at the Foot Locker, the worker told her not to bother because the manager doesn’t hire girls. ...Read More »

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