HomePod, iPhone rumors, iOS 11.3: Macworld Podcast episode 589 By IDG.TV Apple’s HomePod goes on sale this Friday. Are you buying one? The latest iPhone rumors have created confusion about the future of the iPhone X. Apple provides a sneak peek into new features coming to iOS. We also feature your comments and questions. ...Read More »
8bitdo SN30 Pro review: A Super Nintendo inspired controller for the PC By IDG.TV The SN30 Pro takes on the Xbox One controller for PC gaming dominance. ...Read More »
Expand Your Business Offshore with These Simple Tips By Dan Radak Once a good idea is transformed into a thriving business, it's only natural to start things about ways to expand your operations to completely new, previously unreached audiences. Living in the digital era makes communication and project-coordination with individuals who live on the other side of the world might be easy, but international expansion it's far from being a simple matter. You have to deal with a completely different consumer culture, different languages, customs, laws, regulations, and mindsets than what you're used to, which makes the transition into a new market that more difficult. Here are five tips to help make that transition easier and more efficient. ...Read More »
Understanding Attribution for Paid Social - UTMs and GA Attribution Models By Tim Brown When you're running a paid social campaign - in particular, Facebook ads, a strange thing happens if you don't know to use manual UTM (stands for Urchin Tracking Module) tagging in your ads - Google Analytics doesn't quite know what to make of the traffic. The lack of out-of-the-box analytics performance here is frustrating if you don't know what to do next. It makes sense that the same level of ease for tracking wouldn't exist when compared to Google AdWords; however, the results are surprisingly useless. ...Read More »
Amazon Cloud Cam review By IDG.TV The Amazon Cloud Cam is an impressive entry into the home security camera market by the online retailer. ...Read More »
Mingis on Tech: 2018 – the year blockchain breaks out By IDG.TV Blockchain continues to evolve and grow, as more companies test it out. It's now seen as the heart of a new global shipping platform that could save companies billions of dollars and as the underpinning for a P2P cloud storage endeavor. ...Read More »
The Scout Guide Lexington - Your Source for Local Business By Clip Syndicate The Scout Guide Lexington shows us how this national publication benefits local business. ...Read More »
What you need to know about Meltdown and Spectre By IDG.TV Here's everything you need to know about the Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits. ...Read More »
Everything you need to know about Meltdown, Spectre, and GPU price increases | The Full Nerd Ep 39 By IDG.TV The Full Nerd crew tells you how bad of a hit performance takes from Meltdown and Spectre patches—and if you'll get them at all. Even worse: GPU prices are insane (again). Here's why and what to do about it. ...Read More »
The people you call when you've had a breach | Salted Hash Ep 15 By IDG.TV Rob Lee, faculty fellow at the SANS Technology Institute, talks with host Steve Ragan about his group's work to help companies out of sticky situations, plus the state of the security industry and predictions for 2018. ...Read More »

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