Small business workshop By Clip Syndicate Utica Municipal Housing Authority hosts small business workshop ...Read More »
Critical Driver Shortage Affecting U.S. Trucking Industry If you're in the trucking industry, you know you have a problem. You don't have enough drivers, trucks cost a lot and training is even worse when you consider the accidents you could have prevented or when you have trucks against the fence and no driver to carry the freight. Well, what about the solution you might say? There is one, if we are willing to get into the modern era. The trucking industry doesn't have enough drivers and we will need to hire nearly 900,000 new operators over the next decade just to maintain the current workforce. Well, if I was trying to attract new drivers, I would look to the driver group under 21 years of age - I can attract them by using what they are used to using, simulation and virtual reality (VR). ...Read More »
Changing Jobs? 3 Things To Consider About Your 401k When Changing Jobs By Peter J. Strauss More people change jobs than ever before. The average American worker makes 12 employment moves before retirement, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With all those transitions come important decisions, and high among them is what to do with their 401(k). ...Read More »
How Social Media can Ruin Your Business Modern businesses rely on social media to promote their business more than any other channel. There's a good reason for this. It's much less expensive than traditional media, and there is a more personal feel to it. It helps companies become a part of daily lives of their customers and clients. Social media can also be used to gather a lot of useful data about those who use it, which can greatly benefit the marketing efforts and make them more personalized and user-friendly. However, using social media for promotion also comes with some risks companies should be aware of. ...Read More »
Frankfort 5S South Business Park to reach full capacity with 2 more tenants By Clip Syndicate After years of sitting empty, the Frankfort 5S South Business Park is close to filling up. ...Read More »
Turning your office paperless - the benefits The digital revolution has witnessed advances in technology that we could only have imagined of - and this has led to many businesses around the world opting for paperless solutions to be both cost effective and environmentally friendly. With research estimating that companies are spending around $8 billion annually managing their paper use, the switch to a digital solution is no surprise. ...Read More »
Business Continuity You Can Bank On With 53 branches, multiple ATMs, and banking seven days a week at two locations, TBK Bank strives to do the right thing to make customers' lives better and easier. Now, the bank has done the right thing for its customers by doing the right thing for its business continuity program, moving in just six months from a legacy planning tool to a data-centric business continuity management program built on the Fusion Framework(r) System(tm). The power of the solution creates synergies that allow the business continuity program to continue to grow and mature, taking on high priorities that were previously out of scope such as vendor risk management. ...Read More »
Pellet gun shots cause damage to Eugene businesses By Clip Syndicate Eugene Carbide Saw & Machine now has to replace four windows that were damaged ...Read More »
How to Find and Hire Quality Freelancers for Your Existing Business or New Startup Whether you have an established business you'd like to grow or a new startup that you need to build, relying on talented freelancers is one of the best options you have at your disposal. In this guide, we'll look at a few tips and strategies that you can use to find and hire the best freelancers to help you complete projects essential to your business and grow your brand. ...Read More »
Springfield mill still recovering from fire 4 years later By Clip Syndicate The Whitsell Manufacturing fire isn’t the first time our area has lost a major business to a fire. Nearly four years ago, a Springfield mill was destroyed, and that business is still rebuilding one day at a time. ...Read More »

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