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Top 5 Ways an Intranet Helpdesk Improves Customer Support

By Tim Eisenhauer, CEO Axero Solutions

The customer service landscape has shifted. Today's customers don't have the time or patience to wait for a response, and they don't want to jump through hoops to get the answers they need.

But the biggest change is that customer support is moving more and more in a "social" direction. Almost everyone is now online, which is why they're turning to social support and intranet helpdesk software to resolve customer support issues.

"But wait," you say. "I thought intranet software is only used by our employees?" You're partly right - things are changing. Companies today are bringing their customers into the intranet. And why not? That's where your employees are already working anyway. They're opening up parts of their intranets to the public and giving access to knowledge bases, helpdesks, customer communities, and other information.

Social customer service fuses elements of classic customer service with today's social experience. It addresses the fact that the Internet has created transparency that didn't exist before. Now customers can provide positive or negative feedback on social media in real time via platforms like Twitter and Facebook, meaning brand perception is in customers' hands.

In the past, the term "customer service" was almost only used in reference to making a phone call to a service center for product or service help. Some people still prefer telephone-based customer service, while others prefer chatting or sending emails. Get rid of one channel, and you'll alienate a part of your audience. The key is to provide a multichannel solution.

Multichannel solutions are best provided on an intranet platform that improves communication and enables self-service. Self-service is important for today's clients and customers, who are tech-savvy and capable of finding answers on their own. Providing self-support options, like a knowledge base, for your customers frees support personnel to handle more complex issues.

Intranet helpdesk software has taken customer support into the future. People no longer have to jump through hoops to get the answers they need. It makes life easier for both customers and staff. Here are the top five ways intranet helpdesk software improves customer support:

1. Social customer service promotes brand affinity: You want your customers to love your brand, right? Maintaining a solid, stable customer base is the only way to succeed in a crowded marketplace. When you use an intranet helpdesk for customer support, you're providing a personalized experience and eliminating unnecessary headaches. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

2. An intranet helpdesk enables real-time feedback: When using an intranet helpdesk for customer service, you can gain real-time feedback from customers. This feedback can be a lifesaver, especially if flaws in products or services need to be addressed right away. Intranet helpdesk software takes the wait time out of the equation. Providing feedback is easier than ever before thanks to this technology.

3. A modern intranet helpdesk provides a built-in knowledge base: Answering complex questions isn't always easy for customer service reps. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of digging. You might find yourself spending way more time than necessary to get to the bottom of something. With intranet helpdesk software, you've got a built-in knowledge base. Access to documentation and materials is instant. This allows you to come up with the right solution without wasting time.

4. It streamlines and simplifies follow-up for an instant performance review: After you've figured out a solution, it's a good idea to follow up with customers to get their feedback on the experience. You can ask how they felt the interaction went, what they'd like to see improved, etc. This is a great way to gauge your own performance, and the information you get will be useful going forward so you can continuously improve.

5. Intranet helpdesk software delivers a positive customer experience: As with any customer service interaction, you want ensure that your customers have a great experience. This will never happen if people are going through mazes of telephone prompts. Intranet helpdesk software is easy to use and intuitive. The result is a streamlined experience, headache-free for both customers and support reps.

Ignoring social customer service and the shifting customer support landscape is no longer an option for companies looking to succeed in a crowded market. As with anything else, getting from one point to another is all about choosing the right vehicle. While there are many tools available, none is more effective than an intranet helpdesk / social intranet software.

Social customer service is growing up, and there's no way around it. Don't sit back and watch as your customers disappear. Listen to them, help them, and keep them engaged. Changing with the times is a must, and choosing the right intranet helpdesk is the answer.
Tim is an artist and entrepreneur who's well versed in technology, design, and marketing. Studied Information Systems & Design at Penn State. A recognized Subject Matter Expert in Microsoft ASP.NET programming. He's worked for the US Government, slaved his skills in corporate America, and served as VP of Technology for a few different software companies.

He's also a photographer and visual artist.

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