\ Extreme Customer Service will Skyrocket Your Results in Business
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Extreme Customer Service will Skyrocket Your Results in Business

By John Di Lemme

Customer service is the most vital element in business success.The top businesses in the world like Amazon provide "extreme" customer service that ultimately separates them from average businesses and catapults their revenue.

Extreme customer service is much different from the run of the mill, customer service that most businesses fill obligated to provide.You focus on making your customers feel valued and over-deliver in ways that will actually shock your customers.This doesn't mean that you have to offer some grand gesture to every single customer that walks in your business.Many times, the smallest personalized acts are the most memorable and appreciated. 

The value that customers place on your business is based on how well you serve them.Serving your customers with excellence is a business lifestyle.It comes naturally because you do it every single day not just occasion.Extreme customer service should be in the fabric of your business and demonstrated by every single team member or employee.This consistency within your business will be immediately recognized by your customers and expected as you build a long-term relationship with them.

You can never deliver enough to your customers.In fact, I recommend that you over-deliver.If you treat your customers well and serve them with nothing less than a standard of excellence, then you will build a multi-million-dollar business. If not, you'll go out of business.Remember, your customers are the heartbeat of your business. Without them, you have no business.That's why you must commit to providing extreme customer service.

Everyone remembers bad service they have experienced.It doesn't matter what industry you're in. Every niche has its flawed businesses. That's why bad service can be so damaging to your business.You don't want to be remembered for terrible service.People will go out of their way to tell friends about a bad experience.Positive business referrals are almost always because of word-of-mouth experiences amongst friends and family. 

Think about it. If you ever ate at a restaurant where you were virtually ignored by the staff, you probably told your friends and family not to go there.You may not have intentionally gone out of your way to share your experience, but someone may have simply asked how you enjoyed it.You then gave them a referral. You referred to the restaurant as a place to avoid.That's what happens when a business doesn't care about its customers and doesn't operate with extreme customer service. 

When you care about the people you serve, you go beyond regular service. You give extreme customer service that will provide your customers with a standard of excellence and a life-changing experience they will never forget.Creating memorable experiences with your customers will cement relationships with them that will support your business for years to come.

In order to provide extreme customer service, you have to get into the mind of your consumer.When they come into your business, what are they thinking about?What's going on in their mind?You don't want to play a guessing game when it comes to providing a simple solution to their problems.

The only way you can get into their mind is by asking the right questions.Ask what the issue is that they're looking to solve.Ask what they've tried before that didn't work.Ask how long they've been dealing with this issue.When you're asking these questions, you must hone in to what they are telling you.

You can't just hear them. You must actively listen.When you're actively listening, you're taking mental notes to put together the perfect package for them to solve the problem.You're not in business to sell just anything, or just to get merchandise out of your store.You want to change someone's move with your products and services!You can't do that unless you know exactly what they need. 

Activate the lead, introduce people to your products or services, provide extreme customer service, and then your business explodes.It's so, so simple, but you need to take the necessary action.

Remember, as you ask questions, you must talk less, so you can listen more. When you listen, you learn what people want, and when you learn what they want, you earn more income after activating that lead because you can suggest the perfect product or service your business has for them.Success is inevitable when you get into the mind of your customers, focus on giving them exactly what they want, and show them that you value your relationship with them.This is extreme customer service!

Over the past seventeen years, John Di Lemme has traveled the world as a High-End Marketing Consultant, Strategic Business Coach, and Elite Speaker.  He has literally experienced every aspect of the hospitality industry, stayed in hundreds of hotels, and patronized businesses around the globe. This extensive travel coupled with John's experience in building his own business and thousands of his clients' businesses has given him unique insight on every level of customer service.

Additionally, John's strategic consulting and marketing expertise has generated over 100 Million Dollars in business for his clients and assisted them with building a loyal customer base by providing extreme customer service.  John's clients include doctors, lawyers, realtors, entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, and various other occupations that are all thriving.

John is a recognized international, elite speaker that has spoken in over five hundred venues around the globe. John's teachings have been featured on Fox Small Business, Inc. Magazine, CNBC, Home Shopping Network (HSN), and in many other media outlets. For more information, please visit: http://www.giantgoals.com/.

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