\ 4 basic steps to keep your social media secure
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4 basic steps to keep your social media secure

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4 basic steps to keep your social media secure

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12503/7131643 Video: 4 basic steps to keep your social media secure
4 basic steps to keep your social media secure
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12503/7131643?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Mon, 16 Oct 2017 17:09:42 +0000 4 basic steps to keep your social media secure 4 basic steps to keep your social media secure http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12503/7131643?cpt=8&wpid=2637 KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City that sto welcome back to midday everybody joined by nicole williams she's digital marketing coordinator salt lake community college. important information for all of us right now. not just our kids but us adults especially if you're on social media. nicole, do we even think about, our information and could we be a victim of cyber crime when we sign up? >> well's that good question. so many people are using social media these days for personal or even their work lives. and it's always good to remember the best practices to keep us safe. for exactly that reason. so let's talk about maybe some of the things you're doing. that you you're set yourself up for cyber crime. first one over sharing. that's right when you sign up for an candidate there will be some personal things you flood to share to create the account but also a lot of voluntary things you aren't necessarily required to share. always good idea to remember what you have to share likes your name and your email address. and avoid sharing those optional items like address phone number things like that. don't we love to over share on social media. you don't know what part of that oversharing can actually get you in trouble. that's true. why it's good to avoid, oversharing in keeping it to the only the things that you have to share. i like you even stay general where you live. my daughter always wants to take for ohs in front of our house. not good idea? >> that's right. well, when you're sharing information it's always good to be a little bit vague. so you know if ur oh out of town maybe don't tell people you're on vacation. if you are out at an event, avoid sharing the exact location or avoid sharing your exact address. stick to kind of general terms like the town that you lived in. my husband and i have argued about that very thing you post emergency you post you're on vacation somebody knows you're out of town. that's right. what could happen next. let's talk passwords. >> yes. more important than you think? they are more important that you think obvious you need password to log into social media accounts but keeping this secure and safe is very important. so, the great to go do make sure they are long and that they contain special characters. then change them often. and then, one really, really important thing to do, is to make sure that you're not using the same password for every account. so if you are on instagram and facebook, and twitter, don't use same was wort different unique. what if i have to because i forget my password? well that's great question. so, there are lot of good way tos manage your passwords. and there are lot of password management tools out there. that allow you to keep all your was passwords in one location. so ur not writing them down. what about customizing your privacy setting? good question. so when you create an account they will default privacy setting for every user. but, those are always customizable. when you're, log in, find the privacy setting, and maybe sure that what you're comfortable in determine ops ps you have. and you're f. you're not comfortable making your account public, change that. maybe it private. and really customize it to what makes you feel most comfortable. couple more things to consider, nicole says log out of your accounts after every session should you log on to social media at work? >> well we don't recommend it unless it's required. obviously ado for my job unless you need to probably good idea to avoid doing that someone else can hop on after you access that information? that's true. same goes with public computers like at libraries just tips everybody on how to keep yourself safe salt lake community college set with nicole there go to our website everybody we'll link you towel of an information or go to salt lake community ledge's website right there on your screen to learn more.

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