Why Francesco Riviera Coaches Dropshipping

ITALY / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2020 / Francesco Riviera (@francescoriviera_) has always loved learning about the internet. Ever since he was a kid he was infatuated with computers and wanted to use technology to make life better and more interesting. Now that Riviera has used the internet and social media to make a name and build a business for himself, he wants to help other people do the same.

Riviera loves running his own businesses but something he enjoys coaching even more. He has a passion for interacting with students and teaching them about how entrepreneurship can change their lives. Although Riviera has started multiple businesses, he believes he can make the biggest impact by teaching students how to dropship.

Dropshipping is the business of marketing wholesale products on a website and shipping products directly to the customer from the factory. People have been running this business model for a long time, but it’s now starting to gain more popularity.

Riviera says that dropshipping is a great business for entrepreneurs to start out with because it’s relatively simple and straightforward. All a dropshipping entrepreneur needs to do is find a product, advertise it and ship it. However, Riviera says that although it seems pretty simple, it does take a lot of skill to become successful.

Riviera is based in Italy where the market for dropshipping is relatively untapped, which he considers to be a big advantage for his students. He says his Italian students can start out by marketing in Italy, which Americans are unable to do because of the language barrier. Once a student gains traction in the Italian market, Riviera encourages them to expand to English speaking markets in order to scale.

Riviera believes the key to dropshipping is understanding how to market a product to a specific market. He says that a lot of dropshippers make the mistake of trying to sell their product to everyone in the world. “If it’s for everyone, it’s for no one,” he says.

Riviera instructs his students to go after smaller niche markets in order to isolate buyers. He believes that everything about a nice-specific dropshipping site has to be tailored to that niche.

Riviera enjoys helping his students improve their lives with dropshipping. He says there’s no better feeling than witnessing a student positively change their life by creating a living online.

When he was first starting out in business, Riviera looked up to Steve Jobs and bought into the Apple philosophy of aiming for infinity. His biggest fear in life was ending up with a mediocre life and being average. In order to break free from the monotony of life, Riviera dedicated himself to making money online so he could travel and work from any place in the world.

According to Riviera, the biggest thing that holds people back are mental limitations. He says that many people don’t believe it’s possible to make an income online, let alone a 6 or 7 figure income. Riviera urges entrepreneurs to break free from that mentality so they don’t hold themselves back. He hopes he can continue inspiring people to break free from their monotonous lifestyles and dedicate themselves to achieving something great.

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