Wendell Miracle Touches Hearts with Bite-Sized Content on Hope Nuggets

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2020 / Humanity is indeed facing a paradoxical time now with the COVID-19 crisis. We have so much time at hand, but we cannot spend it with friends. Roads are almost clear, but we cannot travel apart from buying necessary goods. Being faithful to God is a need, but churches and other religious edifice are closed. We are desperate for moral support, yet we cannot hug nor even shake hands. Our current situation has brought emotional turmoil for many. But fear not as help has also been made more accessible and available through Wendell Miracle’s Hope Nuggets.

Hope Nuggets is a movement to bring hope and happiness to the desolate and suffering. It is his project to send a universal message of love and faith in God for the young and old alike. At 31, Wendell Miracle sets out on a life-long mission to be a happiness coach. He has so far done this by being an author, motivational speaker, actor & social media influencer.

Miracle’s profoundness in what he does arises from an abyss of painful experiences. In 2012, his mother passed away after battling breast cancer for over a decade. His misfortunes do not end there. He made some financial mistakes and buried himself in debt to the point where he almost went bankrupt. It was not long before he succumbed to depression. He quit his job after suffering from anxiety. Hopelessness dwelled on him for years, until one day, he decided to do something about it. After all, life is too short to live depressed.

He started his emotional rehabilitation by studying successful people. Miracle looked into those who came before him and how they overcame their own obstacles. He learned about the law of attraction, the power of Gratitude, and principles found in the Bible. By applying all of these to his own life, he successfully overcame anxiety and depression. Now, he can confidently say that he is thriving in life physically, emotionally financially.

His life miracle became a business idea when he started the Instagram page @hopenuggets in 2013. He called it “hope nuggets” because back then, Instagram only gave 15 seconds to for videos. He squeezed his thoughts into nugget-sized, motivational videos designed to bring his viewers’ hope. This project endeavors to help others overcome anxiety and depression through its weekly posts. Motivational content of three videos and three inspiring photos are posted on the @hopenuggets feed every week. Currently, Hope Nuggets has garnered 400,0000 followers, all hoping to be energized by their creative work.

Since then, Wendell Miracle devoted his career on a personal mission — to help people worldwide overcome anxiety & depression and live meaningful and magical lives. Just last February, Miracle released his first book, “Have A Magical Day 7 Keys to Living Happy Every Day“. It is a 100-paged literary about overcoming depression, manifesting your dreams, and being happy along the journey. It is intentionally made short; making it a quick read for readers with a short attention span. But despite its length, it is jam-packed with inspirational bits designed to help you live a happy life.

Wendell Miracle was born in the Philippines and grew up in Bergenfield, NJ. He currently resides in San Diego, California. Interested in a quick coaching session with Wendell Miracle? Click here for a quick glance: www.hopenuggets.com. You may also give him a call on 201-556-8807 or send him an email at wendellpialet@gmail.com.

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