How Erik Fisher used his determination and focus to build a large portfolio and a highly successful sales training business

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2020 / Many people would have been content with the life Erik Fisher was living and not strive to grow their career further, but that was not the case. Erik Fisher constantly pushed himself to improve and through this focus he was able to build a large portfolio of business, write his own book, and construct a successful sales training business. Erik worked as a salesman for over 20 years and was fortunate enough to achieve a great level of success in this industry that few reach in their careers. Fisher wanted to use his knowledge and experience in the industry to help others achieve the same level of success while creating another stream of income for himself at the same time.

The driving force behind Erik’s determination was the ability to help other sales people reach and fulfill their goals to achieve a level of financial freedom that opens doors, allowing them to have new experiences and security. Fisher had always known he wanted to start his own business someday. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that he created a business alongside his current employment. His purpose for starting his business was to help other salespeople realize the success they are capable of by showing them the success he found in himself, while also creating a secondary source of income for his family.

One of the biggest challenges Erik faced while starting his business was the mental barrier and capacity to keep going, but it is Fisher’s perseverance that makes him so successful at what he does. Fisher says “mindset is the most critical element when starting your own business, and without the correct mindset you will experience failures as well as distractions along the way.” Being able to not let the bad days distract you from your goals and staying focused on them every day is the key to success.

Fisher’s advice to those starting their own business is to make sure you research and formulate your “perfect customer” and audience to determine your target market and have that be your starting point. Erik Fisher says “Businesses are successful because they solve problems. The bigger the problem you solve the more likely your business will have a chance to be successful given the other elements that are in place. For your brand, be authentic, speak in the voice of your audience and be consistently putting out valuable content for free to help others.” Building trust with your customers is crucial and people will buy from those who they trust.

When being asked what success means to Erik Fisher , he replied with success means that he has taken care of his family and that they are happy and healthy, and that while doing this he leaves a legacy at each company he has been a part of while creating the same opportunities for others. Fear is another important aspect to discuss when talking about creating your own business and may even be the driving factor for some. To Fisher, fear is both physiological and psychological. “In reality, it’s nothing more than a chemical reaction in your brain with a negative trigger tied to it of the unknown. Fear is very different than sensing danger and it is most often the biggest thing that holds salespeople back from reaching their potential.”

As for what is next for Erik Fisher, there is no limit but he is currently putting his focus into the release of his first book, “The Intelligence Factor”. The book is on B2B sales prospecting for the modern day buyer and how to improve the value of conversations to build a bigger pipeline of businesses. If you are interested in improving your sales, you can purchase Fisher’s B2B sales course here.

Fisher acknowledges that there are often many obstacles that come with starting your own business, but it is up to the individual to persevere through those challenges to achieve greatness.

One of the biggest obstacles Fisher faced was Imposter Syndrome which essentially means having a false perception that what you know as an individual or have to offer is not valuable enough. If Fisher had let Imposter Syndrome or fear get in the way of his goals, he would not be at the victorious spot he is in right now.

One of the biggest advantages Erik Fisher holds over his competitors is that he is still employed as a salesperson so he is constantly testing new strategies and tactics in all aspects of his life to see what works best for him and his company. “Many sales trainers move away from selling to only selling their training programs or coaching or owning and operating their business. I work for a wonderful organization and enjoy what I do and mostly the people I get the opportunity to work with. Many of these connections and friends have become lifelong friends.” One of the most primary takeaways to learn from Fisher is that he was just an average man but is extremely competitive to a fault and that determination is what led him to his success. He is laser focused on achieving his goals and this drive allowed him to attain things in his life that he could have never imagined.

These accomplishments never would have happened if he had taken a different approach and been content with the place in life he was in before and not strived for greatness. Fisher believes that others can do the same and encourages them to not let fear get in the way of their goals and keep pushing forward despite any discouragements. Fisher also has a podcast where he talks about all things sales, click here to listen. To learn more about Erik Fisher and his business click here.


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