Successful Gold Investments Lead to Regional Expansion for MPN Management

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / Boutique investment firm MPN Management has successfully navigated global investment trends during COVID-19 by leveraging market opportunities in various industries of expertise including gold and precious mineral mining. Following its lucrative success in assisting clients to penetrate and purchase stakes in Russian mining, the London-based investment firm is approaching newer unhinged markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Successful Gold Investments during COVID

Market volatility has created a surge in demand for gold as precious metals are likely to become an essential part of stabilizing currencies following the outpour of cash by government treasuries into local economies. Gold investments made by MPN were highly lucrative during COVID, as the London-based investment firm, also involved in precious metals and minerals investing, capitalized on market trends to the benefit of their clients.

The most significant investments are in mine sites across Russia such as the Kiyzassky and Gorlovsky mines. Their market expertise on the ground is what makes them a good contender for precious metal investment advice.

The COVID effect on the Gold Market

Managing partner at MPN, Edgar Jansons mentions that “a holdings of bullion ETF’s is hardly capable of minimizing the volatility of the stock market, as such volatility is pushing investors to more solid investments. Bullion ETF’s, therefore, do not act as actual holding of precious metals or as a means of currency. In order to achieve the benefits of gold, a physical holding shall be obtained”.

Jansons proceeded to explain that major revenues from investing in gold will be from stakes in the mining industry, as the demand for gold is increasing and the mines are finding it hard to supply the amount demanded. Investing in the gold mines will provide higher revenues than a simple “buy and hold” strategy with gold.

Expansion into more golden opportunities

Expanding into Sub-Saharan Africa is the next logical step for the flourishing investment firm as MPN Management is pursuing mining opportunities in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Mali and Angola.

MPN believes that emerging markets across the region are key to discover unexplored mining areas to the benefit of client portfolio diversification. The lower labour costs and the proximity to major European and UEA markets can decrease transportation costs. Governments also tend to positively regard foreign investments in gold mining, as it creates more employment in rural areas, provides more sustainable environmental solutions that combat small scale mining and smuggling of gold. For instance, the Angolan government, has created favourable investment conditions for investors to inject funds into the gold mining industry.

MPN management is a financial advisory firm serving clients in different industries, with expertise in capital advisory, M&A, valuations and joint ventures. The firm assists investors to obtain private equity and invest in mining companies and as an opportunity to allocate holdings to the mining industry, where the demand for precious metals is extremely likely to increase.

The future of gold and precious metal investment will be largely determined by the global economic fallout and the need for hedging instruments in every portfolio. Most importantly, investors need to side with asset managers that understand the right opportunities that maintain upward gains and portfolio balancing.


Company: MPN Management
Name: Edgar Maksim Jansons

SOURCE: MPN Management

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