Phaze Concrete Experts Weigh In on Making Parking Structures Last

From routine upkeep to repairs, Phaze Concrete explains how to maintain concrete parking structures.

CEDAR CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / May 8, 2020 / Parking garages are extremely popular in the United States as builders look to conserve space and maximize the number of available parking spots. As with any structure, parking lots also require regular maintenance to combat wear and tear from vehicles and outside elements. Phaze Concrete, the leading concrete construction company in the United States, explains that with the right care, parking structures can withstand the test of time.

Although concrete parking garages are built to be durable, harsh weather, water infiltration, salts, and other components make them deteriorate faster than other buildings. Phaze Concrete recommends power washing to help remove salts, oils, and other car products. Without cleaning these elements, the concrete can begin to break down. Repairs for eroding concrete are costly, which is why Phaze Concrete suggests power washing and mechanical sweeping regularly.

Another big issue often seen in parking garages is the corrosion of steel. Steel is commonly used to reinforce the structure. Phaze Concrete explains that the problem of steel corrosion can be fixed in two ways. The first solution will take out the corrosion, clean the rebar, and put new concrete back into the same place. However, that method is not best for long-term care.

Phaze Concrete recommends using the second method, which calls for protecting the steel with an epoxy coating to stop chloride from interacting with the steel. Next, a corrosion inhibitor should be used to further neutralize the chlorides in addition to a waterproof sealant such as silane. According to Phaze Concrete, corrosion is an electrical process that is sped up by water leaks, which passes along the electrical currents. It’s essential to make sure that during the repair process, moisture is not sealed in because it can speed up the deterioration process.

To prevent corrosion issues, Phaze Concrete suggests using preventative measures such as applying waterproofing membrane across the entire deck. Also, Phaze Concrete recommends adding a migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) to form a protective surface around steel. Another option is to use a colloidal silicate sealer on the concrete. With these preventative measures, you can rest assured your structure will last the test of time.

Phaze Concrete notes that maintenance and repairs should never be delayed. Although it may seem like you’re saving a quick buck short term, serious issues will arise quickly due to neglect. For that reason, repairs for parking structures have skyrocketed in recent years. Phaze Concrete explains that due to demand, the construction industry has made a wide array of repair services available.

It’s also crucial to dive deep into the root of the problem instead of just fixing the obvious. According to Phaze Concrete, seemingly small issues may be more significant structural issues that will continue to cause problems. By finding and fixing the big issue, Phaze Concrete of Utah believes you can make your parking structure last.


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