OptioNante Donates 10,000 Masks to Singapore to Prevent the Spread of Global Pandemic

KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT & GRENADINES / ACCESSWIRE / May 8, 2020 / With Virus infecting over three million people already, the novel coronavirus pandemic has proven to be highly contagious. That’s why one financial trading platform, OptioNante, has made a donation of 10,000 masks to Singapore. Given how face masks are in high demand, supplies are dwindling. Many who need masks are not getting them. That’s why this donation has been greatly appreciated in Singapore.

With this donation of face masks, it’s anticipated that the spread of the novel coronavirus will dramatically slow down. Singapore was one of the virus hotspots earlier this year, which is why it is critical to see reductions in the rate of infection. With more people wearing masks, there will be fewer cases.

Thanks to the success of the donation by OptionNante in Singapore, as well as Australia, OptioNante has decided to continue making donations when it is able to again. To “flatten the curve” and reduce the burden on the healthcare system, the company is committed to doing what it can.

OptioNante has a trading platform that provides for the ability to trade binary options, fx margin transactions, and other trading methods. There is also a novel product it has recently launched that identifies a set target profit to be attained, which is an exclusive offer for special VIPs.

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