Kristopher Kale Sligh Explains the Importance of Digital Advertising and How It Can Help Businesses Reach Their Potential

Advertising expert Kristopher Kale Sligh explains the importance of digital advertising and how it can help businesses succeed in 2020, and beyond.

FRANKLIN, TN / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / Digital advertising has become the norm in recent years, as more people spend time looking at computer screens than newspapers or magazines. According to advertising expert Kristopher Sligh, digital advertising is no longer just an option for businesses, it’s absolutely essential.

“It’s not just corporations that are benefiting greatly from digital advertising, small businesses are seeing major results too,” Kristopher Kale Sligh says.

Kristopher Kale Sligh explains that businesses of all sizes can benefit from quality digital advertising campaigns, and he outlines many of the benefits. First, Kale Sligh describes how digital advertising can be an extremely cost-effective way of getting your name and message out there. Traditional advertising, such as billboards, commercials, and print ads, is drastically more expensive. He further explains that many times, digital advertising is cheap or even 100-percent free.

“Posting on local social media platforms is entirely free, and it can help get your brand noticed by your local community. That’s a win-win,” Kale Sligh says.

Kale further explains that just for a small amount of money compared to traditional advertising, businesses can purchase Google or Facebook ads to reach a wider audience. Kristopher Kale Sligh describes that digital advertising is also much easier and faster to plan than traditional advertising. Billboards or TV ads can take months to create and complete, while digital advertising can be thought up and published almost immediately.

“Imagine that you decide you want to run a special sale for your local customers today,” Kale Sligh says. “You just log onto Facebook or other social media platforms and post your special prices for the day. That simply can’t be done with print or TV advertising.”

Kristopher Kale Sligh also expresses how convenient the tracking of online advertising can be. He explains that tracking can be done instantaneously through analytics that come with almost every digital advertising outlet.

“Even something as simple as a Facebook ad shows an exact number of how many people have been reached,” Kristopher Kale Sligh says. “With a billboard, that number is just an estimate.”

He explains further that digital ads are easy to target directly to a certain audience. Instead of advertising to the entire public with a costly print or TV ad, businesses can direct a more affordable advertisement at the people who are more likely to buy.

“Digital advertising is becoming one of the most popular advertising routes, and it’s giving businesses of all sizes more opportunity to grow,” Kristopher Sligh says. “A hardworking team with digital marketing knowledge will see the sky is the limit for any business.”


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