Kevin Leyes Launches Ayudar, The App for Asking and Offering Help During COVID-19

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2020 / Although the coronavirus has represented a hard social and health crisis, collaborative initiatives in this situation have also been remarkable. An example of this is Ayudar, the app launched with the purpose of connecting volunteers and vulnerable people in one place.

Kevin Leyes, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, has been responsible for the creation of Ayudar. Hand in hand with Leyes Enterprises, this Argentinean-born entrepreneur has carried out what he defined as one of his most important projects: promoting social assistance and citizen participation actions.

Leyes started in the business world at a very young age. It was in 2017 when, after winning an entrepreneurship and programming contest and being named “Youth Ambassador” by the U.S. Embassy in Argentina and the U.S. Department of State, he started with Team Leyes, an urban jewelry brand and company dedicated to designing urban jewelry for “reggaetón”, trap and rap artists.

What began as a small idea has become a whole business empire. Team Leyes has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and is a registered company and trademark in the U.S. and Argentina.

But Kevin didn’t stop when he saw his dream crystallize, and taking advantage of all the resources offered by new technologies, he founded his second company. Leyes Media is a social media marketing and public relations agency, which has had remarkable growth.

Now, and as a third purpose, it promotes solidarity, participation, and cooperation in difficult times. This, through Ayudar, his most recent project. The innovative app that allows people, organizations, public and private, connect with those citizens who need help with the pandemic.

The platform allows its users to navigate through lists or on a map via geolocation

How is Ayudar born?

“I have often thought that from great crises excellent opportunities and challenges also arise. In this way, Ayudar is born from the desire to collaborate in a useful way in the face of the situation that the world is going through due to the coronavirus”, the young man pointed out.

Likewise, he pointed out that this idea started last March and was developed in only 5 nights, which he assured were “of very little sleep”. This is the constant work of this young man whose objective is to contribute to society from his knowledge.

What is the objective of Ayudar?

According to the information in the app, its objective is to promote solidarity, cooperation, and sensitivity among citizens, in view of the situation the country is going through. At the same time, it seeks to encourage support for people in vulnerable situations.

How does Ayudar work?

In principle, the app connects non-profit organizations and people with the possibility of helping those who are in a state of vulnerability or have a lower-middle-class social condition.

Those who enter their website will have the possibility to offer or receive the help of various types: non-perishable food, furniture, school supplies, clothing, among others. On the other hand, during COVID-19, it has a special area for donations of supplies to hospitals, favors, purchases and deliveries, and emotional support.

In addition, it allows finding local businesses that only work with home delivery. This in order to help people stay in their homes and, at the same time, the commercial sector, also affected by the crisis.

Who can join Ayudar?

Ayudar is a totally free and secure app. This guarantees that anyone who needs or can offer their help has the possibility to contact other users and organizations. In this way, the process on the platform is totally transparent and verified.

How can Ayudar impact society?

The main purpose of this initiative is to encourage citizens to be more sensitive, more supportive, and cooperative with those who are in a less favorable condition, even more so in this crisis.

Kevin Leyes, the founder of Ayudar, decorated as the youngest official member of the Forbes Business Council and YEC

Where is this project headed?

“Our main objective is to reach the national government. We are having meetings with politicians and organizations to promote the use of the app”, highlighted Leyes.

In this context, Kevin Leyes, Chairman of Leyes Enterprises, assures that from the beginning he had the purpose of carrying out a social project. “Since I entered the world of entrepreneurship I had the desire to carry out some projects related to the social and solidarity area. Today I have the opportunity in this complicated situation of crisis that the world is going through”.

As well as Ayudar, more and more companies are joining to carry out campaigns to promote a positive impact during the pandemic, principally sharing messages aimed at avoiding contagion and helping to face one of the most critical moments in the history of mankind.

“From sharing the information of the app in social media and spreading the message of solidarity counts to add and bring the help that all affected people need in this situation,” he said.

To learn more about Ayudar and Leyes Enterprises, visit and You can contact Kevin’s team at or phone them through +54 9 11 2267-9932.

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