Jubilee Ace’s CEO Tony Jackson announces the arrival of MyAQUA commodities

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2020 / Jubilee Ace, a technology company specializing in automated arbitrage trading, announces its new addition to its cutting-edge technology systems. Its proprietary data consolidations system, Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage (AQUA), extracts live data from exchanges and runs these through Jubilee Ace’s algorithm for automatically executing trades. This system has solely been focused on trading digital assets, and the newest addition to its family will now arbitrage on commodities.

In the company’s latest Zoom conference, Tony Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Jubilee Ace, announced the arrival of the newest technology MyAQUA. He described it as “Jubilee Ace’s next milestone in disrupting the market by sending shockwaves through the industry.” MyAQUA will open new opportunities to its clients through commodities arbitrage trading.

“Commodities arbitrage has long been dominated by big banks and financial institutions for decades,” Jackson explained. The upcoming MyAQUA Commodities is set to be the biggest yet, drawing immense attention in the financial world on what could possibly be the future of the industry – the mass consumers over institutional players.

Apart from this introduction, Jackson also took this time to thank its clients for the success of the company’s stimulus package, Oasis 80. “The initial launch of US$80million only lasted a mere four days, which was beyond our wildest projection. We realized that many were unable to subscribe in time, so our management convened and immediately rolled out a further US$40million,” he added.

Jubilee Ace initially introduced Oasis 80, a client stimulus package amounting to US$80 million to help ease the current economic climate. Later, the company added US$40 million to the stimulus package bumping the total to US$120 million. This initiative will continue until May 31, 2020.

Jubilee Ace’s AQUA system is a 100% automated trading system that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It employs a Python A.I. bot that collects price data from different digital asset exchanges analyzing triangular arbitrage opportunities. The system proves to generate low to no-risk trading for cryptocurrencies and now, with commodities.

About Jubilee Ace

Founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2018 with a paid-up capital of US$50 million, Jubilee Ace is an advanced data analysis company that specializes in multi-sector arbitrage opportunities on a global scale. The company started with traditional commodities trading arbitrage on exchanges before venturing into sports and cryptocurrency arbitraging. The company extracts and refines data, transforming these into monetizable strategies and actionable market decisions. Jubilee Ace utilizes several real-time technologies that provide both new and experienced traders a fresh perspective on growing their portfolios through low-risk investments across various sectors. A strong focus on data and technology advancement enables portfolio clients to be assured their finances are in capable hands.

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