HASHWallet, a Highly Secured Crypto Hardware Wallet Announces its Crowdfunding Campaign on INDIEGOGO

MADRID, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2020 / HASHWallet, an innovative hardware wallet designed to safeguard crypto-assets in the shape of a convenient smart card – has started its crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO, to provide cryptocurrency users with the most secured solution.

From the dawn of the Internet data breaches have been one of the major challenges internet users, organizations, and governments struggle with. According to research, in 2013, almost 3 million customer credit card records were stolen from the Adobe database. Additionally, information pertaining to 60 million users was accessed on the U.S Postal Service database. Consequently, these breaches come with financial costs and can ruin customer trust, which is why the need for data security is very crucial. If we take a look at the Crypto ecosystem, the situation is not better. In 2019, 4.4 billion dollars in Crypto assets have been stolen or lost. The losses grow with the increasing number of users and the value of the assets in the market. In 2017 this figure rose to 1.2 billion and in 2018 it reached 1.8 billion dollars. There is ten times more fraud per user, than in the traditional financial sector.

HASHWallet’s hardware wallet has solved the long-existing security challenge that has made many Crypto users lose sleep over their crypto assets. In fact, it brings together the strongest level of security with the ease of use.

HASHWallet Brings a Unique Discovery solution to Crypto Assets Security in the Shape of a Premium Smart Card

Many consumers today see crypto-assets as a fast-track to easy wealth. But yet, many are still scared to own and store them because they are ‘virtual,’ and users can’t actually hold them. Coupled with the news on how big ‘security-focused’ crypto exchanges are getting hacked, many crypto users/investors have thought it wise to get a crypto hard wallet and get full control of their assets.

In a decentralized system, the user is the only one keeper of the security of his/her assets; and transactions here are non-reversible. That is, there is nobody to be held responsible to cover any fraud loss if it happens.

Many crypto users have lost their assets via loss of private keys, key hacking, keystroke logging, phishing attacks, and so on. Thankfully, a safe haven to these existing challenges have arrived, it’s HASHWallet.

HASHWallet is an innovative hardware wallet primarily designed to safeguard your crypto-assets in the shape of a “handy smartcard” loaded with premium features. Interestingly, it’s so environmentally secured that as a user, people can comfortably use it to authenticate or sign a transaction anywhere without worrying about risk or impersonation or losing your key. Users can perform transactions anytime, anywhere without any atom of worry.

Months ago, HASHWallet entered into Arrow Certification Program. After a thorough review of their idea, ArrowGlobal found HASHWallet to be one of the outstanding innovative technologies in the crypto space. HASHWallet got endorsed and received the “Arrow Certified Technology” Badge, meaning that engineers from Arrow have assessed the project and evaluated it as feasible for manufacturing.

High-Level Security and Ease of Use

HASHWallet is the first non-programmable hardware wallet, hence it offers a more secure environment for users to verify transactions. Here, a large e-ink screen is used to check and approve transactions, which complies with the security philosophy “What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS)”. This feature eliminates the potential for fraud and avoids the so-called “Man in the middle” attack. What’s more, the private key on the smart card can never be extracted by anyone, even by the user itself. As such, the keys can neither be lost nor stolen.

HASHWallet also features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for everyone to operate. Whether users are new to the cryptocurrency space, or users have little or no knowledge of gadgets, they can operate this wallet with ease.

Seamless Connectivity

HASHWallet supports both Bluetooth and NFC connections to pair the device with your HASHWallet Manager App and with the Recovery Card. Also, its connectivity features enable new 3rd party integrations in future developments. Bluetooth connectivity, for instance, creates an encrypted two-way communication between the card and your smartphone or computer. The latter enables received transactions to be signed and returned, depending on whether they are signed or rejected on the e-Ink WYSIWYS screen.

Under other conditions, NFC connectivity provides a means of recording the Recovery Card and receiving data when the HASHWallet is to be recovered. The connectivity will also be used to facilitate NFC payments in the future.

Biometric Security Authentication

Biometric authentication is no doubt one of the highest levels of Security and usability in this digital age that protects human identity. Interestingly, HASHWallet has also implemented this technology to provide the cardholders with topnotch security standards. In other words, its advanced fingerprint reader allows the verification of your identity to sign any form of transaction in a highly secured environment.

Easy Recovery Process

Above all, one of the primary concerns of crypto users is counting on an effective and confident key recovery process.

As a crypto user, users no longer have to lose sleep when they lose your key to your crypto coins. HASHWallet comes with a Recovery Card to provide an alternative way to access your funds if the wallet is lost. While activating HASHWallet for the first time, the Recovery Card is paired to the device via NFC. As a result, your Recovery Seed is stored on this card.

Also if it happens that users no longer have access to the HASHWallet, they can fall back on these two secure elements. All that is required is to purchase another HASHWallet and use one of the Seed cards to enter the Recovery Seed and Recovery Key. Your funds will then be accessible from the new smart card. Additionally, HASHWallet crypto support prowess is mind blowing – it actively supports all the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens and can host any ERC-20 token.

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