10,000 Face Masks Donated to New Zealand by OptioNante for Pandemic

KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT & GRENADINES / ACCESSWIRE / May 8, 2020 / The new virus has already infected millions of people, with over 200,000 people having already died. With such a highly contagious pathogen spreading fast around the world, it’s essential to stay protected from infection. That is why OptioNante, a financial trading platform, has donated 10,000 masks to New Zealand. Masks have been challenging to get access to in certain countries, which risks seeing more people getting infected. This is why the donation by OptioNanate has been a welcome gift in New Zealand.

Thanks to the much-needed masks, New Zealand is well on its way to being free of any new cases of virus. While this is great news, we shouldn’t celebrate too soon. Other countries have reported upticks in infections, given the easing of restrictions being done prematurely. As long as people are wearing face masks, there should be a continued lack of new cases.

OptioNante has successfully provided face masks to both the Australia region and Singapore already. This latest donation to New Zealand demonstrates the company’s commitment to being part of the solution to the global pandemic. Healthcare systems in places like New Zealand have been inundated with patients, which is why preventing infection in the first place is essential in ensuring the system can take care of those who need it.

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