The World’s First Real Public Chain Project BTR (Bit Silver) Officially Launched and Airdropped!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2020 / The world’s first benchmark silver public chain ecological BTR (bit silver) will be officially launched on UTC: April 26, 2020. And take a snapshot of Bitcoin UTXO at the height of 627,736 blocks of the BTC chain, conduct a 1:1 airdrop and give SID source points to the Bitcoin holding addresses of the entire network. After the BTR main chain goes online, users only need to import the ordinary or segregated witness address key with the balance 0.1BTC at the UTXO snapshot height into the BTR wallet APP to receive it, and they will get the Airdrop BitSilver immediately. There is no time limit for receiving. Each address can only receive one airdrop, the total amount of airdrop is 9047050BitSilver.

At the same time, the source SID promotion authority is given to the address of UTXO 0.1BTC. The address needs to be invited to other SID operations before the height of 525, 600 in the BTR chain. After the invitation is completed, the SID source point can be held forever. If no invitation is made, the SID source point permission will be automatically withdrawn.

In order to promote the market in the early stage of the project, in addition to the airdrop, BTR also designed a unique marketing method ICEX. The public offering also provides a free pricing method for BitSilver market prices. ICEX (Initial Coin ExchangeX) ‘s first currency multiplication stage is 46,500-141,540 blocks. Because the design of ICEX can directly double the investment income, it provides the best investment opportunities for professional cryptocurrency investors to participate in the BTR project.

After ICEX ends, the BTR chain will automatically switch to CEX (Coin ExchangeX) at block 141,541. This is the normal stage of nuclear fusion trading. In the CEX stage, it will be fused according to the ratio of 1BTC: 6326BTR (depending on which layer of fusion in the ICEX stage), so early participation of cryptocurrency investors can easily earn 5/3/2 times the gain. In the early stage, there will inevitably be a large number of global blockchain players pouring in to participate in fusion!

In order to better incentivize BTR players to invite more users to participate in the silver ecological network, BTR chain has a comprehensive promotion reward program “Silver Voucher (SID)”. Each newly created SID will bring 106BitSilver rewards to the community; direct invitation Reward 35 or 40 BitSilver, system reward 55BitSilver, 10 BitSilver to enter the black hole address, system comprehensive service fee 1 BitSilver. The BH destruction mechanism can effectively reduce market circulation and holdings, thereby increasing the value of BitSilver.

BitSilver will start trading on the exchange in the third phase of ICEX, and will open trading after the completion of ICEX. BTR has a complete ecological chain. Block browser, official website, forum, mining pool, PC wallet and mobile wallet are all online and put into use at the same time. And the APP also supports cold wallet and hot wallet functions, so that user assets are better protected. Under the mature technology and perfect ecosystem of BTR, many international exchanges have begun to pay attention to this world’s first decentralized open source product against standard silver. After evaluating the BTR main chain, many chain evaluation organizations will have at least 10-1000 times increase in 3 months, becoming another upstart in 2020!

The underlying technology of BTR uses the underlying technology of Bitcoin and optimizes the relevant mechanisms. The mining methods and mining algorithms are the same as Bitcoin, using POW and SHA256, and support the sha256 algorithm for mining. Bitcoin mining machines can be used to mine Bitcoin silver. At the same time, because the bit silver code is an open source product, users around the world can develop mining pools and browsers. The block interval is 60S, and the computing power is adjusted every 1440 blocks. The block size is the same as Bitcoin ≤1MB, the initial single block output is 1BitSilver, and the arrival time is 6 source code:

Bit Silver is an open source project jointly developed by developers from different countries around the world. The team members have been responsible for the iterative development of bitcoin versions and bitcoin fork upgrade tasks for many times. The team upholds the purpose of good technology and strives to create a new type of blockchain technology platform that can serve people and society.

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