The Launch of a Service that Shares Korean Government’s Countermeasures against the Corona Virus for Free

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2020 / The COVID19 virus, also known as the coronavirus, is an epidemic that is causing many deaths and spreading rapidly across Asia, including China, Korea, Japan, and the United States, Europe, and Africa.

China and South Korea are the regions that quickly started the war against the coronavirus.

The two countries once faced a massive increase in the number of infections and uncontrollable situations. However, high virus screening rates and a decreased number of confirmed cases show that they are effectively responding to the virus.

In the case of Korea, the government prevented social anxiety and systematically managed the spread of the infectious disease through systematic communication and leadership between the public officials of the Central and Local Governments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the police, and doctors, nurses, and volunteers. This includes drive-through inspections and the development of test kits exclusive for coronavirus. Furthermore, they were able to effectively reduce the virus infection by delivering preventive measures and post-infection measures to the people.

And in April, Korea has become a country that receives official requests from various countries for help in dealing with the coronavirus. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), which is in a fierce battle with the coronavirus, has disclosed details on how the Korean government responded to coronavirus and what information was delivered to educational institutions, administrative agencies, hospitals, police, public institutions, business people, and the public.

However, these materials are currently in Korean, making it difficult to verify in various countries.

Blockchain expert Xsodion’s representative Hoyeol Shin, Director Kwangpyo Ko, and 15 other volunteers joined forces to translate the data released by KCDC into English and Portuguese. They also made it into a website, mobile web, and android application for easy access to information on how the Korean government responded to corona. In addition to this, the service also introduces WHO’s response to the coronavirus.

The volunteer team operates under the name Xby45. It is currently building a system to disclose information in diverse languages on viruses that threaten people, record them in a blockchain, and provide accurate information to organizations that want them. Moreover, the team is composed of active professionals in various sectors, including IT developers, doctors, nurses, businessmen, and celebrities, and is from diverse countries, including Korea, the USA, Brazil, Thailand, and China.

The Xby45 team’s projects can be found on the WHOREPORT APP and .

WHOREPORT consists of national situations, local information, preventive measures, post-infection measures, and Korean government manuals. The language is primarily in English, and currently, English, Korean, and Portuguese manuals are available. We would like to support various languages but lack competent personnel. If there are any volunteers by country, please apply via email.

Prevention is important for coronavirus, but post-infection response is much more vital. Although post-infection policies vary by country, the one thing to remember is to call the coronavirus center before going to the hospital, notify the symptoms, and follow the directions of the center to protect the medical institution, surroundings, and yourself. If you go to the hospital directly, all doctors and nurses who accessed the medical center will be exposed to the infection of the coronavirus. This has been highlighted as the most critical problem in Korea and China, which experienced early coronavirus.

Both the nation and citizens need to pay attention and work together to fight the virus in the long run.

The coronavirus is causing many deaths in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. “Now is the time for all nations and people to join forces to fight the virus and overcome it. Please request if there is a need for any information from us. We will cooperate for whatever it might be to save one life.” said the Xby45 team.

If you look into the data from KCDC, documents such as event management guidelines, collective facility and multi-use facility response guidelines, standards for Business Continuity Plan (BCP), recommendations and precautions for minimizing travel, guidelines for collective event disinfection management, disinfection of multi-use facilities, and workplace response guidelines are provided. Other guidelines for neonatal intensive care unit management and medical-related preventive management will be added. If there are any other necessary documents, you can apply for them through separate inquiry. The Xby45 will forward the inquiry to KCDC to request for cooperation.

Furthermore, the representative of Xsodion, Hoyeol Shin said coronavirus has caused much racial discrimination in several countries. He hoped we recognized once again that Asia is only the place where the virus appeared, and Asians are not the cause of the disease. He also wished that everyone could wisely overcome the virus situation with a caring mind, not racism.

The Xby45 team’s project is the first global team to respond to the coronavirus, which is causing much death. As the interview says, now is the time for everyone in the world to join forces to win the virus, and no anger should be expressed against any person or country in particular.

Xby45 Volunteer List

Director: Hoyeol Shin(xsodion), Kwangpyo Ko(xsodion)

Planning: Kwangpyo Ko, Sungbok Han(xsodion)

Development: Jincheol Lee(Netmarble), Kiho Ko(Samsung)

Medical Advice: Evellyn Lorena(mario ribeiro hospital), Clara Lee(north shore university hospital), Dain Kim (Busan Paik Hospital)

Translation: Cindy Leann(xsodion), Chanhyeok Myeong(Handong University), Evellyn Lorena(mario ribeiro hospital)

Gathering and consulting information: Malik Yusef(universal Music Group), Moley CHUNG(innosonian), Hanji Kim(xsodion), Junhee Jo(Chung-Ang University), Jeongeun Shin(bcnanumhouse), Yumin Myeong(Grace International School)

Participant Companies: XSODION, COLT8, INNOSONIAN

Media contact

Name: Hoyeol Shin
Telephone : + 82-10-8742-2522
Address: 7F, 441, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

SOURCE: Xsodion

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