Jubilee Ace to Award up to $1.7M in Cash Gifts in its Anniversary Mega Draw Bonanza in May 2020 Live Stream

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2020 / Jubilee Ace, an asset management company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven arbitrage, is celebrating its first anniversary in May 2020. As part of this celebration, the company is awarding up to US$1.7 million in cash gifts during its Mega Draw Bonanza. With a grand prize of US$500,000 cash for the winning individual, the draw will be held in Tokyo, Japan and will be live-streamed on the company’s client web portal.

“Our clients have been tremendously supportive of us in our growth, and we would like to reward them in spite of the situation right now. We will improvise and telecast our Mega Draw live for all our clients and fans,” says Tony Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Jubilee Ace.

Jubilee Ace’s asset management portfolio is primed to double to US$1 billion this year, making it one of the first private equity firms to reach this milestone in just a year after launch.

The current underperformance in traditional instruments like stocks and hedge funds has established alternative instruments as a more viable choice for investment. This is an opportunity for innovative solutions to provide avenues for growth amid the current economic challenges. Through its AI-driven arbitrage model, Jubilee Ace has proven to be a recession-proof financial vehicle and has attracted huge interest from investors in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

Jubilee Ace’s proprietary Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage (A.Q.U.A) platform makes it possible to perform arbitrage trades on clients’ personal trading accounts with live exchanges with the API key access granted. Utilizing AI data analysis and automatic trade execution to leverage triangular arbitrage, A.Q.U.A provides a 99% arbitrage success rate. Currently, A.Q.U.A runs on cryptocurrency exchanges, and Jubilee Ace plans to support additional investment classes such as commodities and sports.

“We are going back to basics with our focus on commodities in the coming second half of 2020 as we foresee huge market movements given the current economic conditions. The fluctuation of commodities will be good for us,” shares Tony Jackson.

About Jubilee Ace

Founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2018 with a paid-up capital of US$50 million, Jubilee Ace is an advanced data analysis company that specializes in multi-sector arbitrage opportunities on a global scale. The company started with traditional commodities trading arbitrage on exchanges before venturing into sports and cryptocurrency arbitraging. The company extracts and refines data, transforming these into monetizable strategies and actionable market decisions.

Jubilee Ace utilizes several real-time technologies that provide both new and experienced traders a fresh perspective on growing their portfolios through low-risk investments across various sectors. A strong focus on data and technology advancement enables portfolio clients to be assured their finances are in capable hands.

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