How Social Media Tycoon Brandon Mimms Amassed an Empire

Brandon Mimms owns multiple exceedingly popular social media pages and is looking to grow further. He currently controls social media accounts that have amassed over 6 million followers.

ONTARIO, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2020 / This young entrepreneur was born and raised in the city of Niagara Falls, the city recognized internationally for its tourism, attractions and beauty. Growing up in this environment, Mimms grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset, often toying with creating and monetizing online content. This entrepreneurial mindset continued throughout high school and helped him make valuable connections and meet people he would not have met otherwise. Post-graduation, Mimms decided he would chase his passion and pursue a post secondary education in Sales and Marketing. Unfortunately, he was left uninspired by his schooling, as very little of what he learnt was applicable to the real world. The silver lining for him was that he got a small glimpse into the world of social media and its inner workings, he was enthralled. Mimms spent every waking hour researching social media, often battling with the demands of his coursework. As time went on Mimms still managed to graduate at the top of his class but his mentality had completely changed from the point he entered to the point at which he graduated. He had realized that social media would only continue to grow exponentially and that this could be his opportunity to make a living.

To pay the bills Mimms temporarily got a 9-5 job and in his spare time began experimenting with his first social media platform: Twitter. Mimms spent months of exhaustive research looking at trends within various niches across Twitter. He realized that the largest growing accounts often had a female demographic with content focused on popular media, fashion and trends. He created his first page following this demographic and content style but decided to build and test various growth strategies. Mimms saw rapid success in a select few of his growth strategies, his Twitter account growing nearly 500,000 followers in less than a week.

Not long after Mimms was swamped with monetization opportunities from around the globe. He was inundated with requests from major brands, influencers and media companies to get featured on his page. Mimms took full advantage, partnering with brands, and connecting with other social media influencers in an effort to continue his growth. He used the earnings from that account and reinvested them into creating other profitable accounts across Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook, amassing more than 6 million followers.

Today Mimms works with several transnational firms such as PUBG mobile and Runescape, E11Gaming along with numerous verified artists, NHL players and social media influencers. He has partnerships with many up and coming startups, cannabis companies and celebrities. His clientele base shows no sign of slowing down and will surely multiply in the years to come. Mimms still continues to invest heavily into social media, most recently making one of his most brazen acquisitions yet, obtaining @USA. He has also made a big splash in what he believes is one of the most underrated platforms yet, Tik Tok. Mimms plans to amalgamate his efforts and spearhead his very own digital marketing agency out of the heart of his home town.

In light of his recent success, Mimms has made an effort to give back to the city of Niagara Falls by working with local businesses to develop modernized social media strategies. He has also acquired the @NiagaraFalls username in an effort to promote the underlying beauty of his majestic city.

Mimms continues to believe that social media will always be a driving force in the way that we consume content. He knows that platforms may die but he still believes that the concept of social media will live on forever. Mimms will continue to grow his empire and dominate the social media world for years to come.

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