How Bryce Scalpa Came Up in the Beauty and Aesthetics Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2020 / Some of the wealthiest or most prominent figures in the world come from unique and inspiring backgrounds. It seems that no great success is complete without a great story, and Bryce Cleveland is no exception.

Bryce Cleveland grew up in Rochester, NY, and struggled with severe ADHD. In school, teachers had no faith in him, and not only told him that he can’t apply himself, but also that he wouldn’t be able to make anything from himself. At the age of 16, Bryce would drop out of high school.

While many consider ADHD to be a “handicap”, Bryce saw the silver lining. He had an ability to think outside of the box, and envision things the way that other people couldn’t. Inspired by the hard work of his father, he began his journey as an entrepreneur. As Bryce started building businesses and getting his first tastes of success, others his age were still in the school system. As Bryce grew, he put a talented team behind him and created his current beauty industry powerhouse: Scalpa.

Scalpa sells beauty and aesthetic products and services as well as training programs for aesthetic procedures. Through the learning programs at Scalpa, Bryce has created a community of successful entrepreneurs totaling over 35,000 people. The company then supplies their students with any products they need to perform their own procedures that they’ve learned.

The company has grown to be the largest provider of products and online learning for beauty and aesthetic entrepreneurs in the world. Turning nothing into an empire, Bryce has not only changed his own life, but he’s changing lives around him through his education services and sense of community. In the future, Bryce hopes to grow his online systems into more industries to help empower entrepreneurs to get into all different trades.

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