Entrepreneur Buys Millions of Respirators and Donates 2,500 to Emergency Services

MAINZ, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2020 / The world and the crisis doesn’t seem to be over. Although the infected curve seems to flatten out here and there, we are still in a worldwide dilemma.

So far, politics has mainly focused on short-term solutions. Interest rate cuts, stimulus packages and closed borders should ensure the economic livelihood of many companies. Nevertheless, our global economy will suffer considerable damage in the long term. We are already seeing the first effects. The flower shop around the corner is closing, the small restaurant in the city center is likely to close forever and unemployment is rising rapidly (see USA).

With all bad news there are also active people who not only concentrate on physical distancing – which is the safest protection against the virus for the majority of the population – but go one step further. After all, somehow a way out of this situation is to be found. Quarantines, self-isolation and social distancing are of course good approaches, but now in Germany too, another means is coming to the fore because of new obligations: masks.

Where phyiscal distancing is not possible, masks are the order of the day

It seems clear: we need masks. They are a basic security at work for taxi drivers, hairdressers and cashiers. With enough FFP2 masks, the population could again lead a reasonably normal everyday life. This, in turn, could also soon put the economy back on a green track. You only illustrate a scenario once without the introduction of a mask requirement. Should the closure of restaurants, electronics stores, home goods stores and clothing stores take months, many smaller companies in particular will most likely have to file for bankruptcy. At this point we cannot imagine the impact on the international economy and our standard of living.

The country needs masks. Surgery masks do not always have to be the same for every citizen. But especially those who fight the virus on the front line are best equipped with FFP2 masks. This includes, above all, the medical staff who do their best every day to deal with the emergency. It is important that high-quality masks are used and not cheap products that offer little protection. In order to support the currently most important people in our country and not endanger yourself unnecessarily, respiratory protection products should be made. However, due to the extraordinary demand, these are expensive and not available on every corner. Entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg is one of the people who recognized this emergency.

“My brother told me about the emergency! The nursing staff urgently needs support! “

Marvin Steinberg was listening when his brother Aaron Steinberg told him about the medical emergency. The trained health education nurse told how many colleagues and doctors need more masks. Above all, more high quality masks. So Marvin Steinberg became active and bought masks. Many masks. Contacts in China made it easy for him to deliver over millions, which is worth gold these days. These are not masks of any kind, but of the type KN95-FFP2. These consist of nonwovens, i.e. plastic strands that are woven together into a random thicket. A virus cannot work its way through here easily. Compared to conventional masks or even the self-made masks that some DIY fans wear to the show on social media, the KN95-FFP2 masks offer reliable protection. Ideal to protect and support the most important people in the fight against virus.

50,000 masks go to the emergency services

Steinberg is one of the people who recognized the problem and took action. An emergency medical service bought the 50,000 KN95-FFP2 masks he had purchased. There, the medical staff is happy about the practical grant for mouth protection, which is otherwise in short supply. In addition, there were 2,500 surgical masks as a donation on top. In order to keep medical staff with long-term medical training healthy and fit for action, it is precisely there that as much safety as possible and sufficient surgical masks must be ensured.

Steinberg’s work goes one step further. Masks can be ordered via his website www.bettersafe24.de . For every order, a mask goes to needy facilities to support sufferers and helpers. The masks are available in a double pack or in larger multiple packs. According to the information on the website, the products are ready for immediate dispatch and have a delivery time of 3-4 days. According to company information, 94% of all viruses are filtered and copper oxide provides accelerated protection against pathogens.

The obligation to wear a mask in certain facilities will soon become a new reality in many federal states. Series entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg has recognized the favor of the hour and quickly set up an order service for breathing masks. We can only hope that this also contributes to an important factor in containing the infectious disease.

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