Antonio Palomino and How He Wants to Change the World Through his Trading Educational Platform

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2020 / J. Antonio Palomino Pedreros, Japp. Founder of the two-level financial education, guidance and training team Buy and Sell Academy is offering a two level course, which includes an in person Master class after six months, and a star platform in implementing skills to transform yourself into an investor with skills. Opening up a tremendously profitable stream of income. And consequently, he became a guide and facilitator for the growing number of traders who have emerged with financial successes around the world.

TRADING, a term which is not always clear, is simply buying, selling, exchanging assets. Securities such as stocks, currencies, commodities and derivatives are traded in the financial markets. Today its application is necessary and ordinary people must learn it. They key is that the goal of the successful trader is to make the best trades, Money is secondary!

This valuable project detonated in his head as a result of facing a subordination that limited his financial potential, hungry for success with ideas frustrated by the technological lag of his company, coupled with partners without innovative capacity, this concern and his desire made him leave his comfort zone to definitively transform his life and career with ambition but also with sensitivity, and he had had enough, now he knows how to do it.

With an arduous path but with clear ideas falling and rising with more and more force in the midst of solitude as an ally and his real partner! He turned on that light in his head, to define his maturity and his real goals and aspirations, in the world of trading and finance! He found himself and visualized why many have everything, but are vaguely and confusingly explaining the way to invest? Bored arrogant people with no personality caught up in complex and unintelligible teachings! And then he thought to himself, “I will make it so others can do it too!” It was an introspective and visionary trip but and there it is! You only have to look at the graphs and the statistics will tell you what to do, that is his talent.

He knows he is up to something big by creating his own trading rules and systems, strategies and tactics! Obviously he had mistakes and successes but he finally did it! And now he is committed to himself and with whom he is trusted by to take them to the top.

Now people have their eyes on him, they want to know how? When? Why? with what ? He did it, they are interested and excited! They start to move forward taking him with them, they want to know, they want to understand, they want to invest, they want to be the best traders. He spent weeks thinking about how to transmit this and they got the best out of it.

Now he receives hundreds of messages from people who want to learn what trading is about and how it works and make it work. Although he wants to guide each one of them, he simply did not have time to communicate with everyone, and he realized It was time to launch its structured financial education platform, followed by a community platform where he shares his secrets and advice with the world.

Born with a passion for numbers and always glimpsing success, its platform has become a coaching and training tool for those with the ambition to be the best and to reach the top by themselves.

Are you ready to be different? Well ask him how ??? Send him an email!


J. Antonio Palomino Pedreros, Japp

SOURCE: Financial Information of Buy and Sell Academy.

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