Pelagic Technologies Management Reshuffle

TALLAHASSEE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2020 / Michael Holt, Pelagic CEO today made the shock announcement of Leonard Gray as newly appointed RND site manager and survey supervisor in a move seen to ruffle the private investor and hedge fund managers.

After 8 years as overseer, Dale Jacobi is stepping down to focus on marketing and rebranding (but will assist Mr. Gray through the transition period). Pelagic Technologies has had a rocky 36 months since it was forced to delist, and private shareholders have been very vocal about the future of the company and their investments. Is this new appointment just client service or a new direction for the drilling company?

Leonard Gray who is best known for his work at D.H.G.B and for his work with silicone chips is certainly an interesting choice if the company looks to rebrand. It’s moves from water to laser drilling in 2012 on reflection looked as though they were ahead of the curve, but perhaps pulled the trigger too early for a huge switch. According to an inside source, the company has been touting for further investment in lieu of possible expansion. With their R&D about to ramp up thanks to the addition of Leonard Gray, it seems like the Pelagic Technologies board is looking to relist the company in the not too distant future.

Despite being delisted almost three years ago, Pelagic has continued to expand and grow and have become known for their successful products over the last 12 months. Among the companies more recent projects is the integrated undersea weapons system which has generated a lot of interest in the industry. Pelagic Technologies’ undersea weapon systems launched last year, has fast become one of the company’s flagship projects, alongside this the company are currently in the process of increasing their applications of undersea satellite technology patents, which would bring in a huge boost to the companies financials.

Pelagic Technologies promotes the rapid development, prototyping and commercialization of innovative undersea and maritime technology and advances learning in the undersea and maritime sector for commercial, academic, and defense organizations. Pelagic Technologies welcomes participation by organizations – both traditional and non-traditional – who have technologies that can contribute to undersea and maritime domain applications.

The undersea and maritime technology domain is uniquely poised to expand and grow its economic impact and related technology jobs. The Pelagic Technologies team consists of highly skilled and trained undersea and maritime technology workforce unique to this specialized environment.


Harry Webb

SOURCE: Pelagic Technologies

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