U.S. Air Force Awards AFWERX SBIR Contract to greenONE Holdings, Inc.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 29, 2020 / greenONE Holdings Inc, is facilitating an effective solution for the Department of Defense in the areas of cognition perception and physical performance. The contract will addresses formulations that will further improve the quality of human physical, psychological and cognitive performance and resilience.

Neil Fineman, greenONE Holdings Inc. CEO: ‘We address the issue of DIGESTION as the sole source for delivering HYDRATION & NUTRITION into the Human Body’

greenONE Holdings, Inc Las Vegas NV. GOH has been awarded a Phase 1 SBIR Grant Award from The US Air Force. The contract will help facilitate the advancement and creation of products utilizing The NDS (Nutrient Delivery System) Technology. Addressing the major concerns of rapidly replacing Hydration and Nutrition in Air Personnel while solving current “weight issues”, and portability of their end products, is greenONE’s focus, and ultimate objective. ‘We believe the same technology that helped create idrink beverages, will empower Air Personnel to perform their duties longer and more effectively. idrink, and iterations of this formula, can be utilized to solve very specific issue as it pertains to hydration, awareness,

New Age MRE’s, and even pain management”, says Neil Fineman CEO of greenONE. greenONE Holdings Inc, was established to steward an advanced nutrient delivery system (NDS) that fit perfectly with rapid hydration in the human body. The CEO, Neil Fineman, recognized the uniqueness of a “next generation”, water-encapsulated, nutrient delivery system, that he foresaw as changing human nutrition, medicine, & even agriculture. greenONE created a partnership with the scientists that reduce the size of nutrients for fast absorption; while turning even the worst tasting nutrients like fish oil and turmeric, into tasteless and colorless liquids. greenONE believes that NDS is meant for “bodies at stress”; and as an additive for manufacturers worldwide.

The creation of idrink Advance Hydration Water, was the introduction of reducing vast amounts of essential vitamins and minerals so the body no longer needed to, facilitating rapid absorption. Combining that ability with turning all of these ingredients into tasteless, odorless, and clear liquids; and you have a new delivery method that can enhance beverage as bio available, spot specific concoctions, while making medicine and even agriculture more effective. NDS gives greenONE the ability to empower products as well as industries. The creators of iDrink Advanced Hydration Water call it “An IV in a bottle”.

greenONE is a ‘green company’ utilizing natural plant-based vitamins, to create GMO and BPA free products with no taste and no “waste”. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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