ATWEC Technologies is Finalizing an Agreement to Deliver Safety Backup Units

(ATWEC will receive $1,650,000 as an initial deposit)

MEMPHIS, TN / ACCESSWIRE / January 8, 2020 / ATWEC Technologies (OTC:ATWT), a leader in the child safety industry today announced that it is finalizing a deal to deliver its child safety backup units as the initial deal to a major client. ATWEC will supply over 10,000 units on the initial order. These units are being built to specifications per the customer request.

OTC: ATWT has proven its ability to supply the best vehicle safety devices in the world. Our patent product line has over a 20+ year history and is receiving its recognition for the advanced technology it’s built upon. ATWT corporate philosophy is the foundation for such great devices to save and change lives as it referees.

Details are now being finalized as OTC: ATWT plans to roll out in 7 states. This is a great day for a company, who has helped to establish a voice in vehicle safety, as well as introduce the idea of legislation to mandate these devices starting in its’ own state of Tennessee back in 2005.

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