The chairman of YimoonPal Chen Manping is listed as one of the 30 influential people of Forbes Sociality New Retailing

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2019 / Recently, Forbes China released a list of 30 new retailing influencers in 2019. 30 industry leaders driven by new technology, new concept and new mode were selected, such as the founder of HEMA Fresh Hou Yi, the founder of HEYTEA Nie Yundi, the chairman of Hong Kong Yimu Group.

Forbes China launched its first selection of “30 sociality new retailing influencers in China” this year. There are four categories of beauty fashion, sports health, food beverage and amusement. The selection scope is mainly for new social retail companies and brands in China. The evaluation indicators include the scale of active users, model innovation, digital level, market attention and revenue. The whole selection and review is independently completed by Forbes China.

The list inlcudes new popular retail brands such as “HEMA fresh” and “HEYTEA”, overseas fashion brands such as “Rothy’s” which is famous for recycling mineral water bottles to make shoes, and the traditional well-known brands that actively try to innovate such as “INOHERB”.

With the rapid popularity of the new beauty brand YimoonPal, Chen Manping, chairman of Hong Kong Yimu Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of Jiangxi Huixi Trading Co., Ltd., was selected on this list, and became one of the top 10 finalists in the most competitive category of beauty/fashion. Since entering 2019, YimoonPal has launched a number of new products, with many fans.

Forbes pointed out that the wave of changing daily life, consumption and entertainment by technology has never been more special. The first and foremost is the retail industry. As traffic is becoming increasingly bottleneck, the time is right for sociality new retailing. That is to put in the “social” factor to increase the importance of the offline scene, integrate online and offline industry chains, integrate resources and sales promotion through social channels, and drive offline consumption in the opposite direction on the basis of new retail. “Retailing may never be just about’ buying’, but reshape a real interaction, or may be the next important issue for new retailing.”

Attachment: complete list of 30 new retail influencers of Forbes China in 2019

(In no particular order)

Beauty fashion

Chen Manping Chairman of Hong Kong Yimu Group Co., Ltd.

Ou Zechao Co-founder and SVP of trytry

Tang Ying General manager of Rothy’s in China

Leng Jing Co-founder of aikucun

Shen Xuehua Founder & CEO of BEYONG

Yan Ming Executive Vice Chairman and President of INOHERB

Liu Xiaosheng, chairman of Nanzhuye Biotechnology

Ye Shengxuan, founder & CEO of whale

Zhao Yue Founder of Aspirin Museum and Young Bestseller

Wang Nianou Founder of AMIRO

Food beverage

Hou Yi Founder & CEO of HEMA fresh, President of Alibaba HEMA business group

Zhang hongji Co founder of Coffee Box

Gu Rong Partner of Beibei group and President of Beishop

Nie Yunchen Founder and CEO of HEYTEA

Liu Dani Founder & CEO of Lepur

Yao Qidi Founder & CEO of Ramen Talk

Xu Yi Serial Entrepreneur

Liu Tongming Co founder of Microidea Technology

Ni Xutao Chairman and CEO of Hangzhou Meal Number Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhang Yue Founder & CEO of Unequal Food Technology

Sports health

Zhang Ailin Chairman of M2M Holdings

Han Wei Founder and CEO of Lefit

Ke Qi (Xia Jinglong) Co founder of SUPERMONKEY

Bi zhenmi CEO of MIPRO


Deng Jianbo Founder & CEO of Hangzhou Hutu Technology Co., Ltd.

Wang Biao Founder and CEO of BC12

Feng Su CEO & Founder of haohaozhu

Zhou Dakai Founder & CEO of Shishang Technology, founder of ocean & forest

Dong Liang Co-founder & CEO of AIMOE

Chen Penghui Co-founder of catplay


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