P&G to use Agara’s Real-time Voice AI for handling millions of consumer calls each year

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2019 / Since 2018, Agara has handled over half a million consumer support emails for Procter & Gamble, an American multinational consumer goods corporation, improving its query handling efficiency by over 30% while delivering a better consumer experience, and improved quality scores. P&G intends to expand the success to phone support calls using Agara’s state-of-the-art Real-time Voice AI system to provide highly contextual suggestions to advisers in real-time.

Being one of the few platforms that can handle live phone calls, Agara combines 14 Deep Learning modules to suggest the best actions to handle consumer queries and reduce the number of screens an adviser must deal with to one – often reducing it from as high as nine. The Real-time Voice AI handles speech-to-text conversion, recognizes intents, detects consumer’s emotional state, extracts information from the discussion and navigates a myriad of IT systems to help the adviser with what they should respond, gives them the information they need, shows them the consumer’s details, and guides them through company policies. Agara’s solution drives a significant difference in an industry where human-centric consumer service can be re-oriented to its original and most important purpose, which is actively listening and mastering the consumer conversation, enhanced by the power of AI.

Trained on more than 3 million consumer support queries and 60,000 hours of consumer support calls, the Real-time Voice AI can handle hundreds of calls simultaneously and instantly, while integrating the human adviser in the process. This is a huge assistance not only for advisers during holiday seasons and support volume spikes (where abandoned calls in this industry can climb up to 80% in average), but also for the general brand image, as dissatisfied consumers quickly share their negative views on social media.

Agara, which raised over $3M in venture capital from Kleiner Perkins, Blume Ventures and RTP Global, has helped over 300 advisers for 60+ brands serve more than 1 million consumers in 6 countries and 2 languages in the past 12 months. This number is expected to grow as global expansion across P&G markets and languages continues to expand rapidly in the next year.

P&G is deploying Agara across its US and Canada call centers in a phased manner. Upon full rollout, the system will be assisting with over a million phone calls each year.

Rosa Maria Cruz, P&G Global Consumer Relations Americas leader and Global CIO stated, “Agara’s partnership has been strategic in our vision of creating delightful P&G consumer experiences, where Augmented Intelligence gifts our advisers with “super-powers”, allowing them to focus on building trusted consumer relationships at scale that bring to life the superiority of our brands and products, touching and improving our consumers’ lives”.

Abhimanyu, founder and CEO of Agara said, “The implementation of Agara’s Real-time Voice AI at P&G is the largest implementation of its kind in the world. It is also the first major milestone in the journey towards a voice-first interface that Agara is building for business-to-consumer communication. Our next milestone would be the rollout of the world’s first fully autonomous Conversational Voice AI which will set the standards for future bots”.

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