Former Bartender Kristin Cripps Goes from Counting Quarters to Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Cripps, who is the Founder of Flip Your Life and Build Your Empire, Recently Arranged for Two Kids from the Barrie Area to Get Room Makeovers

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2019 / Kristin Cripps, a highly successful Barrie real estate broker, is pleased to announce that she recently chose two local kids to get amazing room makeovers.

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As the article noted, after launching the Kids Room Makeover Contest earlier in the year, Cripps was delighted to see countless entries come in. After careful consideration, she gave Loretta Psaila and Brett Noble brand-new rooms.

Cripps said she was impressed with the way Loretta gives half of any money she receives to a charity; in the past, Loretta has donated to local animal shelters and the Salvation Army. She was also touched by Brett’s nomination and said she is pleased with the way his green BMX-themed room turned out (and bonus half-pipe she had constructed outside).

In addition to the recent room makeovers, Cripps is busy planning her next events through Flip Your Life and online courses with Build Your Empire.

Through her work with Flip Your Life and Build Your Empire, Cripps strives to teach people who are living paycheck to paycheck how real estate investing can help them to boost their income and start living their dream life sooner.

As Cripps noted, being short on cash is something that she is all-too familiar with. Cripps, who once worked as a bartender, and was no stranger to having three jobs, recalls plenty of days where money was extremely tight.

“About ninety-nine percent of my clients have one home. When they retire, they often have little to no savings besides what is in their home,” Cripps said.

“They often buy another smaller home, and usually have about $100,000 left over. They usually have 3 kids and give each child $20,000, which leaves them with $40,000 to go on a trip or buy a car or boat,” she said, adding that this approach bothers her, because she wants people to enjoy a great and prosperous life their entire life-not just possibly at retirement.

“The funds that can be made from real estate investments can be used to do whatever one wants and that’s where people can change their circumstances, their experiences and how they give back to those around them.”

About Kristin Cripps:

Kristin Cripps is the founder of Flip Your Life and Build Your Empire. Cripps helps teach people to live the life of their dreams by using the power of real estate investment-not just at retirement, but throughout the years. For more information, please visit
Kristin is also founder of an empowerment platform called I Can. I Will. WatchMe!

Kristin Cripps

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