Dsdaq creates a milestone by using Blockchain Technology for Global Trading

GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLAND / ACCESSWIRE / December 24, 2019 / Dsdaq, a pioneer FinTech company, launched an innovative blockchain technology-based multi-asset global trading platform, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and get exposure to a large number of valuable financial assets at one-stop.

Dsdaq is a blockchain-based trading platform that hosts at least 25 financial instruments, while more than 1,000 offerings would be available in the future. It tracks the latest market price of global quality assets and empowers users to diversify their portfolio in just a few clicks.

Dsdaq is revolutionary for the following reasons:

  • Traditional investing platforms mainly focus on high net worth individuals. While Dsdaq serves a long-tail market, especially the market where financial infrastructure is underdeveloped.
  • Dsdaq will share future profits with its users by giving free Origin D, an ERC20 token to the app users via Proof of Transaction consensus protocol. Dsdaq will buy back the Origin D with its future earnings. Origin D is a deflating token similar to Bitcoin.
  • Dsdaq aggregates products from various markets and offers both traditional and crypto assets to its users. It also plans to provide security tokens in the future.

Crypto investors may find Dsdaq attractive. For the reason that investors can use their cryptocurrencies to trade stocks, indices, commodities, and diversify the risk of holding a crypto asset that is experiencing bear market right now.

The mobile apps of Dsdaq, on both iOS and Android, are expected to be available on both Apple Store & Google Play soon.

According to one of the members of the founding team, “We aim to use blockchain technology to enable the new generation investors to make compliant financial investments and to empower them to take greater ownership in their financial future, with lower cost, higher efficiency, and a better experience.”

He also added, “We are careful and responsible enough while selecting trading varieties and will continue delivering more trading choices with good investment potential, and lead to a healthier, more robust global economy.”

About Dsdaq
Dsdaq is a pioneer global trading platform backed by world-class investors, board members, and advisors. The founding team of Dsdaq consists of best-of-class professionals in finance, software development, cybersecurity, and high-frequency algorithmic trading. The company is always committed to empowering the new generation investors to take greater ownership in their financial future, with lower cost, higher efficiency, and a better experience.

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Leah Li
Company Name- Dsdaq Inc.
Email- pr@dsdaq.com
Website- www.dsdaq.com

SOURCE: Dsdaq Inc.

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