WebSafety is addressing Distracted Driving-A Greater Problem Than We Realize (Part 2 of 3)

At WebSafety we strive to help eliminate the problem of distracted driving by helping to end phone use during your time behind the wheel.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2019 / WEBSAFETY, Inc. (OTCMARKETS:WBSI) We all know that driving distracted can be dangerous and yet we still drive this way every day. We think that because we aren’t texting on our phones that we have eliminated the danger, but this is not true. At WebSafety we are committed to helping improve this dangerous driving habit.

Look inside your car, what do you see? Chances are there is something in your car, right now, that is on a distraction of some sort. Whether it’s an empty soda cup or some papers left on your passenger seat. It all causes a distraction and contributes to how we drive.

Distracted driving is any activity that a driver engages in that distracts them from their immediate task of driving safety and increase the risk of an accident. There are different types of distracted driving which include: visual, auditory, manual, and cognitive.

● Visual distractions are anything that takes your eyes off of the road, such as: texting while driving.

● Auditory distractions are when we hear something that isn’t related to driving such as: a siren, music, kids shouting in the back of the car, etc.

● Manual distractions involve touching or manipulating anything else other than the steering wheel such as: eating food, putting on lipstick, handing something to your child in the back seat, etc.

● Cognitive distractions involve us thinking about something other than driving.

As you can see nearly everything can be a distraction and may feel a little overwhelming to try to combat all of it at once. Starting out with one very dangerous distraction we can take away a lot of the danger. By eliminating phone texting while driving and use during driving you can significantly high risk distractions.

WebSafety has chosen to address the mobile device marketplace due to its explosive growth and the steady decline of the PC marketplace. In 2018, 1.56 billion smartphones were sold up from 172 million in 2009. PC sales were only 259 million which was the seventh straight year that PC sales declined. People are going everywhere with their mobile smartphones, anything that you can do on the PC you can do on the smartphone. Because of the ability to connect with the Internet, apps, and social media, people keep their smartphones with them from the time they wake up to when they go to bed, including having it with them while they drive. It has become an addiction as people cannot put them down. This constant mobile phone usage creates the danger of distracted driving.

There are approximately six billion mobile phone users and a billion vehicles interacting on the world’s roads daily. If everybody followed the simple rule of taking away phone use during driving, think of how much safer the roads would be. At WebSafety we strive daily to help eliminate the problem of distracted driving by helping to end phone use during your drive time on the road.

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