Topt Factors That Influence Car Insurance Premiums

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Insurance companies analyze a vast number of factors to determine the premiums paid by their customers. Some of these factors can be improved by the policyholders, while no one can improve other policy determining factors. The following top factors can have a significant impact on the premium paid by a policyholder:

  • Demographic data. The driver’s age, sex, and marital status can influence the insurance rates paid to the insurance companies. It’s a known fact that teen drivers and senior citizens pay the highest auto premiums only because of their age.
  • The make and model of the car. Cars that come equipped with many safety features can lower the premiums paid by a policyholder. On the other hand, high-end models, or expensive sports cars are more costly to insure, as the price to repair these types of vehicles is higher than that of regular cars. Also, expensive car models are a preferred target for car thieves.
  • The place where the policyholder lives. Insurance companies will analyze certain data about the place where a policyholder lives. Insurance companies will increase the premiums of the policyholders who live in densely populated areas with high rates of theft and vandalism. Usually, drivers who live in cities tend to pay higher premiums than those that live in rural areas.
  • The purpose of the vehicle. Drivers who use their vehicles for long daily commutes will likely pay higher premiums than those drivers that use their cars during the weekend.

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