New Jersey Legislature Succumbs to Humane Society’s Misinformation Campaign Against Sustainable Shark Fishing

TRENTON, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2019 /  The Garden State Seafood Association (GSSA) is disappointed with the passage of Assembly Bill A4845/S2905 today, which would prohibit the possession, sale, or trade of legally harvested shark fins in New Jersey.

The U.S. Humane Society and environmental organizations have been pursuing this anti- conservation legislation for many years. The bill prohibits the sale and trade of shark fins under the guise of stopping “shark finning.” The commercial sector and U.S. fisheries passed a law nearly 20 years ago making shark finning and the sale of those fins illegal across the country and in all U.S. territorial waters.

GSSA is certain that existing federal laws prevent any sale of illegal shark fins in New Jersey.

“All this legislation does is to penalize legitimate, hard working fishermen of the state,” said Greg DiDomenico, Executive Director of GSSA. “Instead of acknowledging the leadership of our commercial industry, which operates a globally-recognized sustainable shark fishery, those supporting this legislation will penalize New Jersey fishermen, forcing them to discard a natural resource for no purpose.”

“This legislation rewards illegal poachers in underdeveloped and less-regulated nations by removing sustainable harvested fins from the world market,” said Scot Mackey, Legislative Agent for GSSA. “It will only increase the value of the fins these poachers will continue to harvest, while preventing our well-managed and sustainable shark fisheries from utilizing the whole animal.”

About GSSA
The Garden State Seafood Association (GSSA) is a statewide organization of commercial fishermen and fishing companies, related businesses and individuals working in common cause to promote the interests of the commercial fishing industry and seafood consumers in New Jersey.

GSSA’s primary goal is to ensure that our marine resources are managed responsibly and that all of the people in New Jersey, whether as anglers or as seafood consumers, may enjoy the bounty of New Jersey’s rich coastal and offshore waters for generations. That is our pledge to those who catch fish as their livelihood, to those who go fishing for recreation, and for the millions who enjoy eating seafood in restaurants and at home.

New Jersey commercial fishermen have a proud tradition of harvesting sustainably from our ocean waters. Commercial fishing is an important industry in the state, is a significant part of our state’s economy, and is critical to maintaining the unique character of the Jersey shore.

That’s why GSSA was formed. Headquartered on State Street in Trenton, GSSA serves as the eyes, ears, and strong voice of New Jersey’s commercial fishing industry. Public policy makers need to know the facts and the truth about fishing issues which impact the commercial industry and the people of New Jersey.

Scot Mackey
GSSA, Legislative Agent

SOURCE: Garden State Seafood Association

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