Jiří Straka Defines the New Chinese Design Style through Wen Jinliang’s 2019 Personal Exhibition of Interior Design

BEIJING,CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2019 / On November 11th, 2019, Mr. Wen Jinliang’s Personal Achievement Exhibition of Interior Design was opened at Czech China Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, where 45 pieces of sketching works of Chinese and European architectural space and design works of dining space and new media and installation created by Mr. Wen Jinliang during the past decade were on display.

I have been very honored to be the curator for that exhibition. At the exhibition, the work titled Beijing Wangjing SOHO Restaurant, which won the Golden Prize of China International Space Design Competition, was presented. With landscape taken as the artistic conception, the work is completed based on the international frontier design aesthetics, when natural materials such as slate and woods are used and technique of frame and lines are fully adopted. As a result, a spiritual secret state in a bustling city has been created. He has designed another dining space installation work of a seafood-themed restaurant by frequently using lines to make sectional areas. With the installation of “immersive image interaction” applied, a restaurant with blue sea and azure sky are presented, so that the customers would find themselves entering the mysterious undersea world where various marine lives are swimming back and forth. With one small interactive touch, the fish would get “shocked” and break up their formation. These works mentioned above have greatly enhanced the competitiveness and business value of the brand and redefined the new Chinese style of dining space design with both the academic and practical features taken into consideration, generating a new trend in the dining space design industry.

As we take a thorough look at the 60 years of global trend design history, Chinese design has been gradually taking the steps towards the international zone, and Chinese elements have always had an outstanding and unique position on the global design stage. Mr. Wen’s “New Chinese Style” is not a random collection of Chinese elements, nor is it a simple combination of “new style” elements. In his design, the whole restaurant is considered as an entirety so that the multiple dimensions, including the design conception, extraction of Chinese elements, materials, soft design, installation design, motion trend design and even the expectation of human behaviors are planned altogether. In this way, the Chinese design conception and the western aesthetic structure are extracted and the vivid and profound Chinese artistic conception created, so that people are given the space to imagine and to savor the infinite charm.

Mr. Wen Jinliang possesses a prestigious reputation in the dining space design industry and has won numerous awards at both domestic and international design competitions. In the past decade, he has been making tireless efforts and conducted special researches as well as practical works on the road of dining space design. With his solid architectural knowledge and excellent painting skills, he has acquired a deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture and presented personal interpretation of modern aesthetics whilst skillfully applying Chinese style lines to match different materials, perfectly completing various “New Chinese Style Installation Art” projects of restaurants.

Steven Jobs has once said – “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Wen Jinliang is the first person that has ever integrated new Chinese design techniques, new media and installation art design into the application of dining space. He has implemented the idea of “people-oriented” into the restaurants he has designed. The design concept and the selection of material as well as the decoration details and the application of installation designed by him have made it possible that people and the environment can be interactive with each other and that the environment fully echoes with the theme. By properly integrating “new media and installation art design” into the dining space design, he makes sure that the restaurant becomes more energetic and dynamic and that the spirit of “New Chinese Style” advances with the times and never falls out of fashion.

Mr. Wen Jinliang has created a new feature of dining space with “new Chinese style, new media and installation art” in the interior design industry. He has provided a spatial model with more commercial values and operational achievement for the dining industry both home and abroad. In the meanwhile, he has also provided important directions of references and documents of researches to the system of higher education in design. That plays a tremendously significant role in the development of both Chinese and international interior design industry as well as dining industry, casting potential influence upon the structure of these industries.

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Jiří Straka, an internationally famous artist from Czech who is deeply interested in Chinese culture. He is a specially-hired professor at the Mural Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Director of Czech China Contemporary Art Museum. He graduated from Charles University in Prague and in 1997, he graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is the Curator of Prague National Gallery and in 2014, he received the highest prize of Special Achievement of Culture and Art granted by the President of Czech at 2014 the 14th International Trebbia Award.

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