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With a proprietary database of nearly 2 million non-profits, Givelist has multiple options for easy donations including templates from foundations and influencers, and a simple way to see the impact donations have on others

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2019 / Turning on the news can often leave us feeling down, especially when it feels like there’s bad news after bad news. But the good news is, we live in a country where people are 7x more charitable than those living in Europe and 2x more than those living in Canada. Today a new platform, Givelist, is launching to make giving impactful, easier and more transparent.

Givelist is set up to be a single platform for all donating with an AI-powered database of nearly 2 million non-profits which displays information on an organization’s finances and impact, offers flexible giving options and delivers clear reporting. Users can give to one or multiple charitable organizations at the same time, including religious organizations, on a one-time, weekly or monthly basis. Donors see how their money is being spent as charities can provide ‘impact stories,’ showing through images and videos what they are doing.

As we approach the holidays, when 30 percent of donations come into non-profits, people rush to donate so they can receive tax deductions for the year. To make this end-of-year giving easy, Givelist provides a unique ‘donor advised fund’ feature (typically a giving vehicle reserved for only wealthy donors through investment houses) where users can give as a balance on the platform and get their tax deduction all at once, but allocate funds to any non-profits later.

“We think Givelist will usher in a new era of generosity where everyone can be a philanthropist, and we’re excited to see more people get involved to create a better world,”said Jonathan Beck, Founder and CEO, Givelist. “From environmental issues and disaster relief to human rights and medical needs, Givelist is an easier way to be a catalyst for change.”

For specially curated lists of charities, called ‘givelists,’ Givelist is working with the world’s top foundations and influencers, treating them as professional givers. These influencers curate lists of selected charities which address a broad range of problems or issues. By giving to a givelist, users can donate to the same exact organizations that top foundations give to.

Givelist has also eliminated fees so all the money given goes to the charities.

Other Givelist features include:

  • Integration with a user’s bank account (similar to PayPal or Venmo) allowing for users to give anytime, anywhere with zero platform fees.
  • A dashboard showing transaction history and tax reporting in once place.
  • Users collect impact stories from their giving that they can share to inspire others.
  • Users can keep their identity anonymous to organizations so they can eliminate future solicitations.

“With the impact stories and the database with so much background information, Givelist takes the unknown out of donations. Now you can identify organizations to support, know how much you have given or can afford to give throughout the year, and actually see how you’re making a difference,” said Beck.

To learn more or to sign up for Givelist, visit https://www.givelistapp.com.

About Givelist

Givelist is the new way for people to donate. With a proprietary database of close to 2 million charities, a payment solution for easy one-time or recurring donations to one or multiple organizations, Givelist can help the 70 percent of individual Americans who donate regularly to charity with a simple way to make donations, keep all the tax reporting information organized and accessible and see real evidence of how they’re making a difference. Givelist has received seed funding from Mucker Capital. For more information, visit www.givelistapp.com.

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