Complex Power Wheelchair Supplier Opens New Location in Georgia

SAVANNAH, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2019 / Freedom Mobility Center is pleased to announce that they have opened a new location in Savannah, GA. The company believes that their Georgia premises, located at 4717 US Hwy 80E, Suite 7A, Savannah, GA, will complement their sister locations in North Carolina and South Carolina, where they have earned a remarkable reputation for providing Complex Rehabilitative Power Wheelchairs and other high-quality mobility products. Customers all across the state may contact them online through their website.

A Complex Power Wheelchair has a host of benefits, the foremost of which is allowing its user to live a more active, independent, free lifestyle than they otherwise would have been capable of. Freedom Mobility Center asserts that this special type of power wheelchair has one more key feature that makes it the perfect companion for those who experience difficulty moving on their own: Complex rehab powerchairs are customizable and can be adjusted specifically to meet its user’s needs based on their neurological diagnosis or other medical condition.

In addition to configuring the wheelchair’s width, depth, height and even the angle of the seat, patients may qualify for other additional features that contribute to their comfort and the wheelchair’s overall usability. For instance, customized positioning items such as headrests, specialized cushions and side or hip supports can be added to enhance the advantages of the power wheelchair. Additionally, patients may require unusual joystick configurations, or other means of control, that will allow them to maneuver their Complex Power Wheelchair without additional assistance. These may include, but are not limited to, head controls and foot controls that completely void the necessity for hands-on operation. Such features allow individuals to operate their mobility equipment more independently.

As the company states on their website, “At Freedom Mobility Center, helping you maintain your independence is our goal. We understand a change in mobility can be challenging and we want to be your partner throughout this transition. Complex power wheelchairs come in a variety of types and are adaptable for modification in many ways. We specialize in providing the best our industry has to offer for all medical needs. Our team of mobility specialists and Assistive Technology Professionals work hand in hand with physicians and therapists. From in-home assessments to training and service, our team provides you the personal attention you deserve to ensure the best mobility solution for your independent lifestyle.”

Given that these devices are intended to function in a medical capacity, the company spares no effort to ensure that each wheelchair, scooter, or other mobility device they provide is a perfect fit for the patient. They state, “We feel a deep sense of responsibility to ensure that our patients always get exactly the product they need. Independence, safety and quality of life are important, Freedom Mobility Center will provide the services needed to help individuals maintain this in their homes and the community.

They explain that, “Our staff consists of assistive technology professionals, patient mobility specialists, Medicare and private insurance specialists, and mobility trained service technicians that are highly qualified and experienced. We only work by physician referral and are dedicated to being the physician’s ‘eyes and ears’ in the patient’s home. Though our Mobility Specialists and Assistive Technology Professionals make personal visits to patient’s homes for evaluation, we still believe the prescribing health care provider has the ultimate authority over the decisions made for their patients.”

This dedication to their patients, as well as the conscientious service they deliver, is reflected in the company’s online reviews. Melissa McCarter gave the company a perfect 5/5 Star score in her review, saying, “Freedom Mobility is amazing. They always help me with any issues I have with my chair. They always get right on it. They are friendly, and fast to order and deliver. They were very informative about my chair and answered any and all my questions. Thank you, Freedom Mobility!” Similarly, Google Local Guide Darrell Bradshaw says that Freedom Mobility Center’s employees are, “The best people in a four-state region to help with mobility. Their staff is amazing.”

Those interested in learning more about the company may also view their Facebook page.


For more information about Freedom Mobility Center, contact the company here:

Freedom Mobility Center
Tina Robertson
4717 US Hwy 80E
Suite 7A
Savannah, GA 31410

SOURCE: Freedom Mobility Center

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